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Updated 06/24/2021


In AR > Post Payment, click the Select Invoices button to open the AR Invoice Search window.


This window allows a user to search for, edit, and then insert invoices into an open AR batch. Search for invoices by either Customer Name, or by Customer ID.

  1. From the AR > Post Payment tab, click Select Invoices.

  2. The AR Invoice Search window opens.

  3. In the Invoice Search Option section, select either Customer Name or Customer ID and enter a search value.

  4. Click the Search Invoices button (or press Enter) to populate the Select Invoice grid with the search results.

  5. Select one or more invoices from the customers returned in the search results by selecting the check box at the left of the invoice row.

  6. Edit the Payment Amt column for each individual invoice as necessary.
  • Once you click Insert selected Invoice(s), the payment amount cannot be edited. To change the payment amount after that point, you will need to delete that row, then add the invoice again.

  • If you want to apply a single check number to all selected invoices, enter information into the Payment Default Option section. These optional values will be applied as automatic defaults to all selected invoices when you click Insert selected Invoice(s).
  • You can edit check numbers, as well as dates posted, later from the main Post Payment tab.

  • Click Insert selected Invoices(s).

  • The transactions will be added to the Post Payment "Enter Invoice Number" grid.

  • If no transactions appear in the Enter Invoice Number grid, try selecting the invoices again from the Select Invoices button, making sure to select the check box  at the left of the row for each desired invoice.

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