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Updated 06/24/2021


The Invoice Search section allows you to search and select an invoice that matches a range of search criteria and filters. You can also save multiple invoices and email multiple invoices.




Search Type

Select the type of characteristic by which the search will be performed.

For example, if "Invoice Number" is selected in the Search Type field and "7204" is then entered in the Search Criteria field, any invoice containing the sequence of numbers "7204" will be generated in the search. 

Field Description
Customer Name The name of the customer associated with the invoice.
Billing Batch ID The unique ID attached to a billing batch.
Customer ID The unique ID assigned to the customer.
Invoice Number The unique number assigned to a specific invoice.
Accounting Period A system static date which is always a Sunday. If the accounting period date is Sunday, May 18th, then this accounting period includes the assignments for May 10 through May 18th. The search value must be formatted mm/dd/yyyy.


Once a Search Type has been selected, select Set to save the Search Type as the default value.



Search Field Chooser

The field chooser menu controls what information and columns are displayed for the search results. Columns can be clicked and dragged to display in any order.



Field Description
Accounting Period A system static date which is always a Sunday. If the accounting period date is Sunday, May 18th, then this accounting period includes the assignments for May 10 through May 18th.
Balance Amount The amount remaining on the invoice.
Bill Amount The total amount being billed on the invoice.
Customer Branch The specific customer branch being invoiced. 
Customer Name The customer being invoiced.
Dept. Name The department sending the invoice.
Discount Amount The dollar amount of a discount applied to an invoice.
Due Date The date the invoice is due.
Email Status Whether or not an email has been sent
Finance Charge The finance charge applied to the invoice if payment is received after the due date.
Invoice Amount The dollar amount of the invoice.
Invoice Branch The branch sending the invoice to the customer.
Invoice Date The date the invoice was generated.
Invoice Number The unique ID assigned to the invoice.
SalesTaxAmount The dollar amount of sales tax on the invoice.



Search Option Tab

The Search Option tab on the far-right of the screen offers additional search filtering options. 



Only Show

The Only Show options limit search results to specific criteria. Once search criteria have been selected, a search can be performed to return filtered results.

Field Description
With Remaining Balance Isolates invoice search results to only those with a remaining balance.


The Actions section provides printing and exporting options. Once search results have been generated, the results may be sent to a printer as an image or exported in Microsoft Excel format. 



Option Description
Preview Before Printing Checking this box prompts a preview of the page once Print Search Results has been clicked.
Fit width to pages Determines the width of the printed grid.
Print Search Result Sends the search results to the computer's default printer.


Save Invoice

Option Description
Save Multiple Invoice(s) Enables the saving of multiple invoices in a .PDF format.
Export to Excel Prompts the computer to save search results in Microsoft Excel.


Save or Email Invoice(s)

  1. In the Back Office > Invoice menu, search for a customer.

  2. Review the customer's invoices for errors.

  3. After completing your review, click the Options tab on the upper right-hand corner of the search grid.

  4. On the Options tab, click the Save Multiple Invoices button in the Save Invoice group. The Invoice Save wizard opens.


Invoice Save Wizard

The Invoice Save wizard allows you to save multiple invoices at once and email multiple invoices via Outlook or SMTP.

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