Add AR Payment Reason Code


In AR > Post Payments, the Reason column allows the user to choose a reason or category for the invoice payment amount (for example, Regular Payment, Short Pay, Discount, AutoCorrection, Billing Error).


If necessary, you can add a new Reason to attach to invoice payments: 

  1. Navigate to Admin Tools (Ctrl + L, or Start Page > Actions > Admin Tools).

  2. Under Category, click System.

  3. Under System, double-click Config Choice.

  4. In the Config Choice window, click the Add New button.

  5. In the Config Choice Detail section, find the Category drop-down list. Select InvoicePaymentReason.

  6. Type the name for the new Reason in the Choice Code field.

  7. Type a Description for the new Reason.

  8. In the Shared by section, select the branches that should see the new config choice.

  9. Click Save.


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