AR Create a Debit Memo


Updated 06/25/2021


A debit memo is an invoice type available in the AR section that shows a debt on a customer's account. A new AR Debit Memo can be created from the Accounts Receivable (AR) home screen.


  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Back Office > AR > Home sub-page

  2. Select the desired batch or create a batch if necessary. Visit the AR New Batch help page for instructions.

  3. Navigate to Main Menu > Back Office > AR Post Payment sub-page.

  4. Click Create New Invoice from the Actions Menu or the Create New Invoice shortcut button.

  5. Select DM for the Invoice Type and enter in a negative amount to show a credit.
  6. Click Select Invoices to apply the Debit Memo to the batch.

  7. Click Process Payments when the batch is complete.

  8. Pay a Debit Memo using the Post Payment Wizard. Visit the Post Payment Wizard help page for information.


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