AR Create a Credit Memo

A Credit Memo is an AR section invoice type used to apply credit to a customer's account. A Credit Memo can be created from the Accounts Receivable (AR) home screen.


Create Credit Memo

  1. Go to the Back Office section (Main Menu)
  2. Click on AR
    1. Select the desired batch or create a batch if necessary.
      Creating a new AR Batch


  3. Click on the Actions button
  4. Click on Create New Invoice


  5. Enter information into the following fields
    1. Customer: Type the name of the Customer and press <ENTER> to display the list
    2. Transaction Type: Select the appropriate Transaction Type
    3. Department
    4. Employee
    5. Invoice Type: Select CM (Credit Memo)
    6. Invoice Date: This defaults to today's date
    7. Invoice Amount: This must be a negative amount to process correctly
    8. Invoice Number: Create or update the Invoice Number or use the system invoice number option
    9. System Invoice Number (checkbox): 
      Transaction Types


    10. Click on the Finish button






Customer Invoice section

Notice the Invoice listed on the Customer Record



Invoice Status report

Notice the Credit Memo from the Invoice Status report





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