AR Create New Invoice

A new AR invoice can be created using the New AR Invoice wizard.

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Back Office > AR > Home sub-menu

  2. Under the Actions menu (or the shortcut button if available), choose Create New Invoice.

  3. Search for a customer by entering a full or partial value into the Customer field.

  4. Select a Department from within that customer.

  5. Select from available Banks to apply to the invoice.

  6. Select a Transaction Type for the transaction.

  7. Select the Employee that the customer is being billed for.

  8. Select the Invoice Type for the transaction.

  9. Select the date that the invoice is being created for using the Invoice Date date picker.

  10. Enter the dollar amount that the invoice is billing for.

  11. Enter a user-defined Invoice Number, or use the System Invoice Number check box to have Avionté generate and assign a value for the invoice.

  12. When all invoice information is entered, click Finish.



Invoices created in the AR section lack skill codes, so if the GL is grouped by skill code, there may be an invoice imbalance.  


GL_DefaultOrderJobTitle_SkillCodeID can be manually added as a supplier property and have a skill code assigned to it. This enables the gl_GenerateJournalEntry process to use the property to assign the skill code to any transaction that is missing one. 


To add a supplier property, visit the Add a Supplier Property article. 



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