Customer Invoices

The Customer > Invoices sub-menu item displays a catalog of the invoices that have been recorded for this customer.

To view the additional details of an invoice, click the binocular icon,  , on the right side of the row.



Exporting an Invoice to Excel

An invoice can be exported to Excel from Avionté. Both the back office and config options must be correctly set up for the export to work correctly. The invoice will need to be created in Avionté prior to the export. Multiple invoices cannot be exported at one time.

Setting up the Export  

Back Office Setup

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to  Customer > Back Office Setup > Billing Setup.

  2. From the "Show Time Card" drop-down menu, select No. If this option is selected, the Report Viewer will be used to open the invoice.

    See additional functionalities of each choice below: 

    Option Description
    Yes Invoice opens in a PDF reader (i.e. Foxit, Adobe, etc.)
    Note: Because this is a PDF reader, it cannot be exported to Excel from this view.
    No Report Viewer is used to open the invoice and can exported to Excel from this view.

Config Option Setup

  1. From the Start Page, navigate to the Actions > Config Option.

  2. Under Category, select System. Under Select, double-click Config Option.

  3. In the "System | Config Option" window, click the Config Option by FKName tab.

  4. Type "MergeInvoice&AttachmentPDF," in the blank field under the Property column so that the "MergeInvoice&AttachmentPDF" config option appears. Click the "MergeInvoice&AttachmentPDF" row to select it.

  5. Set the ConfigOptionValue of this Config Option to "False" for the invoice to appear in the Report Viewer or "True" for the invoice to not appear in the Report Viewer. The invoice may be exported no matter the choice. After typing, tab away from the field to save the change.
    Note: This option will be "False" by default. 

    Additional options are listed below. 

    Option Description
    True Invoice opens in PDF view.
    False Invoice opens in Report Viewer.


Exporting an Invoice to Excel

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Customer > Invoices.

  2. Select an invoice so that it appears highlighted in the grid.

  3. Click the binoculars icon   on the far-right side of the row. 

  4. Click View Invoice. A preview of the invoice displays.

  5. Click the blue save icon at the top of the page. A drop-down menu of options will generate. 

  6. Select Excel.

  7. Select a location on your computer to save the file. The exported invoice will be saved in this location. Specify a file name and click Save.
    Note: Ensure that the "Save as type" field is marked as "Excel (*xls)."


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