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Updated 08/05/2021


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E-Verify is a web-based system that allows enrolled employers to confirm the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States. E-Verify employers verify the identity and employment eligibility of newly hired employees by electronically matching the information provided by employees on the Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, against records available to the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).


Avionté integrates with the E-verify application to accommodate sending employment eligibility information to the Federal government. 


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An Adobe Sign account and an E-Verify account are both needed to complete a document verification process - the Adobe Sign account to collect an I-9 Employment Authorization form from a talent and an E-Verify account to submit the I-9 to the Department of Homeland Security.


Both of these accounts can be arranged with help from your Avionté Strategic Account Executive. 


Users are encouraged to use Aviontés standard I-9 form rather than a custom-made version. Avionté's standard version has been tested and verified within the integration.




For most users, E-Verify's setup is performed by Avionté's Partnership Activation Team, however, in the event, an Avionté client would like to add users or make changes, the steps are available here. 


Before setup, an Avionté Strategic Account Executive must activate each client's E-Verify license to enable functionality.  

  1. In the Recruiter Module, navigate to Admin > Integrations

  2. Click E-Verify's expand expand.PNG icon. The E-Verify configuration displays. 

  3. Select how users will connect to their E-verify Web Services account.

    Each Avionté user enters their own E-Verify web service account

    With this selection, individual users have their own E-Verify account rather than a shared Employer account. Users enter their E-Verify credentials through the Profile menu's E-Verify option.



    Individual users can enter their credentials under the Profile menu. 


    All Avionté users share a single E-Verify web service account

    With this section, E-Verify credentials will be entered on this page. 


    If each Avionté employer will have its own unique credentials, place a checkmark in the Each Avionté employer has its own account(s) checkbox as well.


    If the box is checked, that means that each supplier has its own E-Verify account, with its own set of credentials.


    If the box is unchecked, then all suppliers are under the same E-Verify account, sharing the same set of credentials.

  4. Click Save after a login method has been selected. 

  5. An Employer agent may also sign into E-Verify for verification on behalf of an employer. E-Verify employer agents use E-Verify to confirm the employment eligibility of the employees of other employers or participants. E-Verify employer agents frequently offer E-Verify along with other services, such as background checks, legal assistance, and accounting services. 

    When a customer enrolls their company with E-Verify, they need to enroll for either a Web Services Employer account or a Web Services Employer Agent Account. Having a Web Services Employer account means that they plan on verifying the employment eligibility of their own employees.  If they have a Web Services Employer account, they will only have to configure the “Web Service Accounts” section and uncheck the “I am working as an employer agent” checkbox. 


    Having a Web Services Employer Agent account means that the company plans on verifying the employment eligibility of their own employees and/or needs to verify employment eligibility on behalf of their client companies. When they enroll with this type of an account, they’d have to setup their client companies with E-verify accounts and they’d be given E-verify company ID’s. Then when configuring E-verify in the Recruiter Module, they would configure the “Web Service Accounts” section for their company, and then for their client companies, enter their E-Verify Client Company ID in the “Employer Agent” section.

  6. Click Save after employer agent credentials have been entered. E-Verify is now ready to be used when a candidate completes an I-9 form. 




Once a talent has completed an I-9 talent task, the I-9 data is available to submit to E-Verify for verification by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 

  1. Select talent card for a candidate

  2. Select Tasks. The I-9 talent task has a "Completed" status.

  3. Expand the I-9 task.

  4. Click the ellipses (...) menu on the right to reveal the E-Verify option.

  5. Select "E-Verify".

  6. Review the information gathered from the talent's I-9 document.

  7. Click Continue.

  8. When the talent completed their I-9 form, the talent provided an identification document. The I-9 categorizes ID documentation into lists (see below) select List A Document or List B and C Document depending on the ID submitted by the talent. 

    1. The I-9 form features lists of acceptable documents demonstrating citizenship. 

  9. Select the specific document from the drop-down menu.

  10. Enter an expiration date for the document.

  11. Click Continue

  12. Enter the talent's first day of employment
    • If a case has not been submitted within three days of the first day of employment, a warning will generate requiring additional explanation.

  13. Click Continue. The application will attempt to send the document to E-Verify. 
    1. If a "Case Incomplete" message is shown, click the Case Incomplete link to reveal details explaining what is still needed.

    2. An explanation of the missing information displays. Click the link. 

    3. Follow the instructions and submit the information. 
      1. Files must be less than 4 MBs
      2. Accepted file types:
        1. JPG
        2. PDF
        3. PNG

        4. If any other verification is needed, click the Case Incomplete link and follow the instructions again until the case is accepted.

  14. Following the completion of all required tasks, submit the data to E-Verify. A response will be returned by E-Verify following verification. 



View Results

  1. Go to the employee's record
  2. Click Tasks

  3. Find the following Task
    1. Form I-9 (Rev. 10/21/2019)

  4. Expand the Task by clicking on the mceclip6.png symbol (down arrows)

  5. Click the Ellipsis symbol

  6. Click Print Case Details

  7. The system displays a new Tab

  8. On this page, you'll find the following information:
    1. Case Verification Number (Case ID/#)
    2. Employee's Name
    3. Current Case Result (Status)





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