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Updated 08/02/2021


This documentation is for Admins who create and configure application workflows. Submit is one of the screens that can be included in a job application.


General Information
Configure the Submit Workflow Section
Submit Page and Talent Record Status



General Information

The Submit screen displays an acknowledgment statement to verify that the applicant has entered valid information and confirms the application submission. This workflow section is required for all application workflows. Because it is required for all workflows, the option to remove this workflow section has been disabled. 

Admin users can create and format an acknowledgment statement to display in the Submit workflow section. When a workflow is created, a default acknowledgment statement will populate and can be edited. If a custom acknowledgment is not added, then this default text will display to the applicant.

After reading the acknowledgment text, the applicant has the option to either agree or disagree with the outlined terms. There will be no warning or message that describes the implication of their choice because this can differ between clients. After selecting a radio button and submitting the application, applicants are redirected to the "Thank you for Applying page" that can be configured under Admin - Talent Module Settings.

For more information on configuring the Submit page, see the Admin - Talent Module Settings article.



Configure the Submit Workflow Section

  1. Enter text in the Acknowledgement text field using the formatting options located at the bottom of the window. 

    Up to 2500 characters can be added in this field and the counter in the lower left corner displays the amount of characters used. This field supports an HTML-based editor and any formatting selections will add between three and fifty characters to the total character count because formatting selections are counted as characters in the HTML text.

    This field supports dynamic entry of a supplier name, meaning that the supplier's name can automatically update in an acknowledgment text depending on the job or branch the applicant applies to. Only the supplier name, sourced from the order, will update while the rest of the acknowledgment text and formatting stays the same.

    In order to use dynamic text for the supplier name, the text {suppliername} must be entered into the acknowledgment text. If the Supplier name should appear bolded or italicized, ensure that the entire bracketed text, including the brackets, is included (i.e. {suppliername} or {suppliername})

  2. Click Save Properties to save changes to the text.



Submit Page and Talent Record Status

When an applicant selects either the "I agree" or "I do not agree" radio button, the applicant will have a Talent record in the Recruiter module. 

If the applicant selects "I agree" and currently has the status of "Incomplete Applicant," then their corresponding Talent record's status will be updated to "Online Applicant." In the core application, the Original Online Application report will indicate that they checked "I agree."


If the applicant selects "I do not agree," then their corresponding Talent record will have a status of "Incomplete Applicant." In the core application, the Original Online Application report will indicate that they checked "I do not agree." 

In the Recruiter Module, the employee's response to the acknowledgment on the Submit page is recorded under the Talent section > Qualifications > Additional tags. Their response will appear as either "Acknowledgment - I agree" or "Acknowledgment - I do not agree" so that when used in conjunction with Status, it is searchable.




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