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Updated 08/02/2021


This documentation is for Admins who create and configure application workflows. Welcome is one of the screens that can be included in a job application. 



General Information

The Welcome workflow section collects general information about an applicant and is required for all application workflows. Because it is required, the option to remove this workflow section has been disabled.

Configuration options will automatically appear on the right side of the window when a new workflow is created. Mobile users will need to click on the Welcome (required) workflow section in order for the configuration options to display.

Admin users can configure the list of branches, per supplier, that applicants can select as their associated branch. The list of available branches matches the active branches listed for that supplier in the Avionté core application that the logged-in Admin user has access to. If different Admin users have access to different branches, then their lists of available branches will be different. For more information on user branch settings, see the Actions Menu - Branch Settings article.



Configure the Welcome Workflow Section

Configure the list of available branches that an applicant can select from when completing an application workflow. 

  1. Select a supplier from the Filter list by selecting a supplier drop-down menu. The branches associated with that supplier will display. 
    Note: Users will only have access to the active suppliers and active branches that are available to them as determined by permissions set in the Avionté core application.

  2. Toggle the switch to "Off" to make a branch unavailable in the applicant facing drop-down menu. All branches will be selected "On" by default. 

    When the branch is set to "On", the switch will appear green and the field will be white. When the switch is set to "Off", both the switch and the field will be gray.


  3. If necessary, edit the name of the branch by deleting and typing a new name into the text field. The text entered in this field will become the name of the branch in the applicant facing drop-down menu. 
    NoteThe name of the branch sources from the name listed in the Description column in the Branch tab for a supplier in the Avionté core application. The branch must be "On" in order to edit this field.

  4. Click Save Properties to save changes to this workflow section.



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