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Updated 08/02/2021


This documentation is for Admins who create and configure application workflows. Interview Questions are one of the screens that can be included in a job application. 



General Information

To access the Interview Questions, navigate to Admin > Application in the Recruiter Module. 


The Interview Questions application workflow is related to the Interview Questions section in Global Settings. The questions are created in one area (Global Settings) then made available to a candidate in the other section (Application workflows). 


Questions can be added here and assigned to existing groups of users/recruiters. 


Note: on the Transition from using the Questionnaire (legacy platform) to Interview Questions (AERO):

The Questionnaire section of the Application Workflow accommodates clients that originally used the questionnaire from Avionté's legacy platform.

When we created AERO, we developed the Interview Questions module to replace the Questionnaire. Clients running AERO are encouraged to use the Interview Questions functionality instead of the Questionnaire.



Deactivate Questionnaire

If it is not already deactivated, you can turn off the Questionnaire application workflow in AERO with the following steps:

  1. In the Recruiter Module, navigate to Admin > Application workflows 

  2. Click the "X" next to Questionnaire. 

  3. Click Save (at the top of the screen). Questionnaire will no longer be available as an application workflow.



Activate the Interview Questions

To turn on the Interview Questions in AERO:

  1. In the Recruiter Module, navigate to Admin > Application workflows 

  2. Click the "+" next to Interview Questions. 

  3. Click Save at the top of the screen. Interview Questions should now be available as an application workflow.



Creating Interview Questions

Interview Questions can be created within AERO. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Go to Admin > Global settings > Interview questions. The Interview questions interface will load.

2. To add a new question, type the question into the Question field; select an Answer Format; type a Category for the question into its' field, and type a Group name into its' field. If the Group has not been entered before, click the "+" button next to the field; this will save the Group in the system so it can be used again.


3. When ready, click the Save button. A Success message should be displayed.


For example: a sample Question could be, "Please list any temporary services you have worked for in the past." This question could have an Answer format of "Text", a Category of "Preference" and a Group Name of "New Hire". This would enable recruiters to identify applicants who have worked for temporary services in the past; the applicant will be presented with a free-form text field to enter their information; the Category would indicate that the question would be used to decide whether or not to hire an applicant, and the Group would indicate that this question should be asked of all prospective new applicants.


New questions are added to the bottom of the list. After creating a question, it can be changed if you select it from the list. Questions can also be Deleted by clicking the button.


After you are finished creating interview questions, you can add them to an Application Workflow.



To add a new Interview question

  1. Go to AdminApplication Workflows.

  2. Select the Interview Questions workflow

    A question can be added to the Interview Questions workflow in one of two ways - by adding questions in a group, or one at a time. 


  • Adding Questions from a Group. As explained above, when a question is created, it can be added to a group with similar questions. 

      1. Type the name of the group into the Add questions from a group field. Names of groups will display below the field.

      2. Click the name of the group. All of the questions in that group will be inserted into the application workflow. 

        In the instance above, the Training group contained two questions - "How many years have you been a trainer?" and "What kind of software training have you delivered?" Both questions were added. Any question can be removed by clicking on the "x.png" on the right-hand side.

  • Add Questions individually. A single question can be added to an application workflow.

        1. Type the words of the question into the Add a question field. Existing questions matching the typed term(s) will display for the selection.

        2. Select the question that you want to add. It will be added to the bottom, but you can move a question's position by clicking the up and down arrows on the left-hand side of the question.


In the instance above, the question "Write about a team you were part of..." has been added to the Interview Questions. Any question can be removed by clicking the "x.png" on the right-hand side.



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