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Updated 06/25/2021


Approving time through the Group Time section in the Customer Portal is best used when inputting time for multiple people for a specific supplier. 


Navigate to the Group Time Section

Add and Approve Time

Enter the Same Time for All Employees

Enter Time for Individual Employees


Navigate to the Group Time Section

  1. In the Customer Portal, navigate to the Time Entry section.


  2. Click Group Time from the menu on the left side of the screen.


  3. If an order is not visible on the page, click the plusbutton_timeentry.PNG button next to Search Options to search for an order. If the order is visible, go to Step 6.


  4. Use the search fields under Search Options to search for an order. 


  5. Click Search when the parameters have been set.



Add and Approve Time

Time can be added and approved for multiple employees in the Group Time Section.

  1. Information about each order will display in the grid. To open the timecard, click the link under Order ID


    Field Description
    Order ID The ID number generated for this order. This information is displayed as a link and when clicked, opens the group timecard.
    Department The department the position is under.
    Position The position the order is meant to fill. 
    Status The status of the order.
    # Candidates The number of candidates attached to the order.
    Bill Rate The rate at which the customer is billed.
    Start date The date the order begins.
    End Date The date the order is completed.
    Date Posted The date that the order is posted.
  2. Under the Time Entry info section, select a week to enter time from the Work Week drop-down menu. 


  3. In the Group Time Entry Input section, time can be entered and applied to all employees for a specific day or time can be applied to employees on an individual basis.


    Enter the Same Time for All Employees

    To enter time for all employees, enter time in the fields at the top of the Group Time Entry Input section. The total number of hours logged is visible at the end of that row. The time will be automatically applied to all employees in the grid for that day.
    Note: The time entered here will override any time entered individually.



    Enter Time for Individual Employees

    To enter time for an individual employee, locate the employee in the list and add time per day in the blank fields next to their name.
    Note: The time entered for the group will override any time entered for an individual employee.


  4. Once time has been entered, click one of the Action buttons at the top of the window.


    Button Description
    Save Saves the time entered without submitting it.
    Submit Submits the time entered.
    Approve Approves the time entered.
  5. Once a timecard has been successfully approved, the action buttons will turn gray and cannot be clicked.

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