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Updated 06/25/2021


The Invoices section in the Customer portal contains information regarding current and past invoices. 




The summary page displays the current invoices for the customer. 



The information is displayed in the following columns:


Invoice # The number of the invoice
Department The department the invoice is attached to.
Invoice Date The date of the invoice.
Due Date The due date of the invoice. 
Invoice Amount The amount of the invoice.
Balance The remaining amount of the invoice.
PO # The PO number of the invoice. 
View Invoice Link to view the invoice document.


Select the View link to view the invoice document. 

Select the invoice number, or Invoice #, to view more detailed information regarding the invoice. 




The Payments section in the Customer portal displays all the previous payments made on invoices. 


Check # The number of the check used for payment.
Invoice # The number of the invoice.
Payment Amount The amount paid.
Date Received The date the payment was received.
Balance The remaining balance on the invoice.



Click the plus sign to view more details regarding the payment information on an invoice. 


Payment Amount The amount paid toward the invoice. 
Date Posted The date the payment was posted.
Balance The remaining balance of the invoice.
Invoice Amount The invoiced amount.



AR Aging

The AR Aging section in the Customer portal displays the invoice aging information.



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