Customers: Home Tab

The Home page is what displays when a user logs into the vendor portal.



Displays information on the vendor and the logged in user including:

Announcements These are the company wide announcements as set in the Avionté core application.
Current Assignments The current assignments linked with this customer/vendor.
Messages Any messages sent to the current user.
Notifications Any notifications linked for this vendor.
Tasks Any uncompleted tasks as entered in the vendor portal or Avionté core application.




Displays messages relevant to this user from the core application.

Click on the New Message button to create a new message from the portal.

Displays the messages linked to this user or vendor in the core application. clicking on the name of the message displays the message body and other details.


Update Account

Allows a user to change basic login information for their account.

User Name Identification of the current user, used for log in.
New Password New user password.
Confirm Password A duplicate password for confirmation purposes.
Security Question 1  The first of two questions used when resetting your password.
Security Question 2 The second of two questions used when resetting your password.



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