Job Orders Tab

The Job Orders page displays all of the job orders that are linked to the user or their Staffing Supplier Vendors.  Job Orders is a listing of all Orders including their Department, Position, Status, Start Date, Required, Assigned, Bill Rate and End date.

Note: Linking an order can be done for DH Orders or Temp Orders

Viewing a job order will display a more detailed description of the order, as well as any assigned employees and recorded transactions.

  1. Access the Customer portal and click on the Candidate link in the top navigation icons. Select from the displayed order or search for the desired order by expanding the upper Search Options pane using:
  • Date
  • Order ID
  • Click on the Order ID to go to the detail screen for that order. This screen includes their Customer Name, ID, Status, Start/End Date, Bill Rate, Position Type, Number of Candidates, Assigned Employees, Transaction History.


  • Click the Google Map button to view a map and generate directions for the work site.
  • Click on the Assignment ID for the assigned employees for this order to view its details.
  • If transactions for this order exist you can select the invoice number to view and print the invoice.



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