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Updated 06/25/2021


Approving time through the Time Card Approval section in the Customer Portal is best used when approving many employee timecards at once. 

The Time Card Approval section displays all of the unapproved employee timecards in a list. Each timecard in the list displays basic information for that specific timecard with the option to view each one in greater detail.

Navigate to the Time Card Approval Section

View Timecards

Approve Timecards


Navigate to the Time Card Approval Section

  1. In the Customer Portal, navigate to the Time Entry section.


  2. From the menu on the left side, click Time Card Approval.


  3. If a timecard is not visible on the page, click the plusbutton_timeentry.PNG button next to Search Options to search for a timecard. 


  4. Select a week from the Week Worked drop-down menu to view the associated timecards.



View Timecards

Each timecard lists basic information with the option to view it in greater detail by clicking the View Detail link in the lower right corner of the timecard. Clicking this link will display the Timecard Summary section.

The information displayed for each timecard is outlined below:


Element Description
Assignment ID The ID of the assignment associated with the time card.
Skill The skills required for the job position associated with the time card. 
Total Hours Total hours worked in the time card.
Employee The employee associated with the time card. 
Shift The shift worked for the time card.
Submit Date The date the time card was submitted. 


Approve Timecards

Users can approve multiple time cards at once in the Time Card Approval section. 

  1. To select all timecards, check the Select All checkbox. Checking this box places a checkmark in every time card. 


  2. To select individual timecards, place a checkmark in the box next to each one.


  3. Click Approve Selected to approve the timecards. 



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