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Updated 07/07/2021


View Start Sheet is an Actions menu item in the Assignments section.  When selected, it opens the Start Sheet for the current employee in ReportViewer.


For more information about Start Sheets, see Start Sheet.



View an Employee Start Sheet

  1. Perform an assignment search. For more information about performing an assignment search, see Assignment Search.

  2. Double-click on an employee record from the search results to view the Assignment Detail screen.

  3. Click on the Actions menu.

  4. Select View Start Sheet.  


  5. This will display the Start Sheet in a ReportViewer window.





Print a Start Sheet

  1. Click the Print icon.


  2. From the Print dialog window, select the printer to be used.


  3. Click Print



Save a Start Sheet

The Start Sheet can be saved to either a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet.

  1. Click the Save icon.


  2. Select the type of file the Start Sheet should be saved as.


  3. Navigate to the desired location for the file.

  4. Click the Save button.



Print and Email Start Sheet

Start Sheets can also be printed or emailed to employees when new assignments are created. See the Print and Email Start Sheet from New Assignment help article for more information.


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