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Updated 09/16/2021


The "Extra" tab in the Assignment section contains miscellaneous information about the currently selected assignment.

Add an Extra

Edit an Extra

Delete a Value


Extra values can be added, edited, or deleted from this page.
Click here for information about using the Transaction Extra field.




Add an Extra

To add an Extra, go to the bottom portion of the grid labeled Enter New Here.

  1. Click the gray field under the Label column.

  2. Select an Extra type from the drop-down menu.

  3. Press the Tab key on the keyboard to select the Value column.

  4. Enter the information value in the field.

  5. Press the Tab key on the keyboard to save the information and simultaneously add the new Extra type to the upper portion of the grid.



Edit an Extra

  1. Click on a field.

  2. Enter the correct information in the field.
  • Drop-down arrow: Select the arrow and select the correct value from the list.

  • Edit button: Select the field and enter the correct information.
    • Alternatively, select the edit button and enter the information in the pop-up dialogue window.
  • Press Tab to save the information.



Delete a Value

  1. Right-click on a field.

  2. Select Delete Extra Value(s) from the menu. A confirmation window will display.

  3. Click Yes on the pop-up window to delete the Extra value.


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