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Updated 05/10/2023


The Assignment > Search section allows users to search and select contacts that match specific search criteria and filters.





Perform a Search

This set of instructions advises how to perform a search. For additional search configurations, see the Field Chooser and Search Option sections. 

  1. Select a Search Type. See the Search Type section for more information. 
    Note: To set this search type as the default, click Set


  2. Enter search criteria in the Search Criteria field. 


  3. Press Enter on the keyboard to conduct the search. 

  4. Double-click on an entry in the grid to navigate to the Assignment > Detail page. 



Search Type

The Search Type field defines the type of results that will appear as a result of the search criteria. 

Field Description
Order ID A unique ID assigned to an order.
Employee Search Searches for assignments based on employees associated to an assignment.
Customer Search Searches for assignments based on customers associated to an assignment.
Assignment ID Searches for assignments based on an assignment ID associated to an assignment.
External ID Search Searches for assignments based on an external ID associated to an assignment.
Entered By The user who entered the initial data of the employee.
Customer ID Search Searches for assignments based on a customer ID associated to an assignment.



Navigate Between Recently Viewed Assignments

The Current Assignment field displays the Assignment that was last viewed in the Detail section. A list of all recently viewed assignments in the current session of the Core application are listed in the Current Assignment drop-down menu. 


User the Current Assignment field to navigate between recently viewed assignments. 





Field Chooser

The Field Chooser allows users to select which columns of information display in the search grid. See the table below for descriptions of each column. Click the field chooser icon, fieldchooser_icon.PNG, in the upper-left hand corner of the window to display the Field Chooser window.


Field Description
Assignment ID The unique number assigned to the assignment.
Bill Rate The dollar amount at which the assignment is billed to the customer. 
BOLD Placement ID The unique number assigned to the assignment in AviontéBOLD.
Branch The company branch associated with the assignment.
Customer Name The name of the customer employing the staff associated with the assignment.
Dept. Name The name of the specific department at the customer employing the staff associated with the assignment.
End Date The date the assignment will be completed.
Entered By The name of the person that entered assignment in the Avionté system.
Job Title The title of the position being filled by the assignment.
Name The name of the employee fulfilling the assignment.
Pay Rate The rate of pay for the employee fulfilling the assignment.
Performance Status The rating of the employee that fulfilled the assignment - Excellent, Fair, etc.
Shift Name The specific shift being filled by the assignment.
SSN The social security number of the employee fulfilling the assignment.
Start Date The date the assignment will or did start.
WC Code A worker's compensation code associated to the assignment.

Search Option Panel

The Search Option Panel on the far-right of the screen offers additional search filtering options. Options set here will override standard search parameters. 


The Search Option Panel has three sections of options: Only Show, Standard Search and Action.





Only Show Section

The Only Show section limits returned search results to show contacts that have a specific status, belong to a specific branch or are limited to the specific user's contacts. Once a selection has been made, the search returns results that only match the selected option.
Field Description
By Performance Status Isolate results to only a specific employee status.
Branch Searches for only employees attached to a specific branch.
My Assignment Searches for only assignments associated to the user performing the search.
Active Assignment Only Searches for only employees currently on assignment.
Also Include DH Assignment Includes employees assigned to DH Orders.
Options can be combined to search for contacts with a particular type of shared criteria. For instance, checking multiple boxes can produce search results only for contacts with a particular status or branch.

Standard Search Section

The options under Standard Search provide descriptions for advanced searches. Advances Searches must still be set, otherwise the grid will appear blank. For more information on setting Advanced Searches, see the Actions Menu - Advanced Search article. 


Double-click on the search name in the Description section to run the search and launch a separate window with the search results. 



Action Section

The Action section provides options to print or export the search results. Once the search results have been generated, the results can be sent to a printer as an image or exported into a Microsoft Excel file.
Field Description
Preview Before Printing Checking this box prompts a preview of the page once Print Search Results has been clicked.
Fit width to pages Determines the width of the printed grid.
Print Search Results Sends the search results to the computer's default printer.
Export to Excel Prompts the computer to open the search results in Microsoft Excel.


If search results are not generating as expected, check the configuration behind the Search Options tab on the right-hand side of the page. Search Options override standard search parameters. 

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