Assign Employee to Assignment

The Assign New Actions menu item is located in the Order main menu item. Selecting it opens the New Assignment Wizard and allows the current Avionté user to create a new assignment for the current order.


Create a New Assignment from Order Main Menu

Open New Assignment Wizard

  1. Navigate to the Order main menu item.
  2. Perform a search for the order that a new assignment will be created for. For more information see the Order Search help article. 
  3. From the search results, double-click on the desired order. This opens the Detail sub-menu item and displays information from the selected order.
  4. Click on the Actions menu.
  5. Select Assign New from the Actions menu. The New Assignment Wizard opens.

Review Order Information

The New Assignment Wizard automatically pulls the order information is into the Order Info section of the window. Review this information carefully and make any necessary changes.


Add an Employee to the Assignment

There are two methods for adding an employee to the assignment:


Method One: Assign Current Employee

The Assign Current Employee button attaches the most recently viewed employee to the assignment.

  1. Click the Assign Current Employee button.
  2. Click Yes to confirm that this employee should be added to the assignment.
  3. The now-assigned employee's name appears in the LookUp section of the New Assignment Wizard.

Method Two: Use LookUp Filter to Find Desired Employee

The LookUp filter allows the user to filter employee records by several different types of data to select the desired employee.

  1. Click on the drop-down menu in first field to select a data type to filter by.

  2. Press the Tab key to move to the next field.
  3. Enter the data to filter by and press Enter to filter out employees that don't meet the criteria.

  4. The filter results will appear as an expanded drop-down menu in the third LookUp field.

  5. Select the desired employee from the filter results.
  6. The employee's name now appears in the LookUp field.

Enter Other Info

The Other Info section of the window allows you to enter information such as the Agency and shift times for the assignment.

Note: The Shift field may not be editable, depending on the Avionté user's account permissions. See the Other Info section of New Assignment Wizard for more information on user permissions required for editing this section.


Other Info for W2 Assignments

  1. Click the Shift drop-down menu.
  2. Select a shift from the list.


Other info for Non-W2 Assignments

  1. Remove the check from the W2 box. A confirmation dialog box will appear.

  2. Click Yes to confirm the action.
  3. Select an Agency from the Agency drop-down menu.

  4. Select a shift from the Shift drop-down menu.


Enter Date / Rate Information

  1. Enter the start date for the assignment in the StartDate field.

  2. If the end date is known, enter the end date in the EndDate field.
  3. Enter the applicable pay rates in the Pay column.


Enter Users and Commission Percentages

The User group displays the user types and user values for the assignment.

  1. Enter the name of a user in the appropriate role.
  2. If applicable, click the drop-down menu in the %Commission column.
  3. Select a commission percentage from the list.


Add Note

The Note group allows for entry of any notes you wish to include on the assignment.

To add a note, click in the field and enter the content of the note.


Create Assignment and Generate Employee Start Sheet

Click the Finish button to create the Assignment.


Once the assignment is created, a Start Sheet is generated for the employee. Avionté allows for the Start Sheet to be printed or emailed immediately upon the creation of the new assignment, depending on the account settings for the current user. See Start Sheet for more information.


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