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Updated 05/09/2023


The Order > Search section allows users to search and select orders that match specific search criteria and filters. 





Perform a Search

This set of instructions advises how to perform a search. For additional search configurations, see the Field Chooser and Search Option sections. 

  1. Select a Search Type. See the Search Type section for more information.
    Note: To set the selected search type as the default, click Set


  2. Enter search criteria in the Search Criteria field. 


  3. Press Enter on the keyboard to conduct the search.

  4. Double-click on an entry in the grid to navigate to the Order > Summary page. 



Search Type

The Search Type field defines the type of results that will appear as a result of the search criteria. 

Field Description
Customer Name The name of the customer attached to an order.
Order ID Search The unique ID assigned to the order.
Customer ID The unique ID assigned to a customer.
External ID Search Identification number assigned to an order by an external entity.
Entered By The name of the user who entered the order information.
Record Type The type of record (processed or unprocessed) designating the order.



Navigate Between Recently Viewed Orders

The Current Order field displays the Order that was last viewed in the Summary section. A list of all recently viewed orders in the current session of the Core application are listed in the Current Order drop-down menu. 

User the Current Order field to navigate between recently viewed orders.




Field Chooser

The Field Chooser allows users to select which columns of information display in the search grid. See the table below for descriptions of each column. 
Click the field chooser icon, fieldchooser_icon.PNG, in the upper-left hand corner of the window to display the Field Chooser window. 


Field Description
Bill Rate The hourly dollar amount at which the order is billed.
BOLD Job ID A unique identifier that is associated with the order in BOLD. (For clients using AviontéBOLD.)
Branch The agency branch with which the order is associated. 
Customer Name The name of the customer associated with this order.
Date Entered The date the order was entered into the system.
Dept. Name The customer department to which the order is associated. 
End Date The date the order will expire.
Entered By The name of the person who entered the order.
Job Title The title of the position being fulfilled by the order.
Order ID A unique identifier associated with the order.
Order Status The current status of the order - filled, unfilled, open, etc. 
Order Type A categorization of the order - temporary, permanent, etc.
Pay Rate The hourly dollar amount paid to the position.
Placed The number of positions filled in the order.
Record Type The order's type of record - processed or unprocessed.
Required The number of positions needed to complete the order.
Shift Name A descriptive name for the specific shift being filled - First, Second, Overnight, etc.
Short Name A descriptive nickname given to the order - Warehouse, Office, etc. 
Start Date The day the position begins work.
State The state where the position is located.
WorkSiteAddress The address where the position is located. 


Search Option Panel

The Search Option Panel on the far-right of the screen offers additional search filtering options. Options set here will override standard search parameters. 

The Search Option Panel has three sections of options: Only Show, Standard Search, and Action.

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