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Updated 07/06/2021


A master order can be used to quickly create repeated or generic orders.

Set up the Master Order status in the Config Choice section in Admin Tools.




Add a Master Order

  1. Navigate to the Order main tree item.

  2. Click New Order to open the Order wizard. 

  3. Populate the fields.

     In the lower-right of the New Order window, the status of the order must be set to Master Order. It is recommended to add a job description similar to "This order is for copying purposes only."

  4. Click Finish.


Copy a Master Order

  1. Search for and select the desired Master Order.

  2. Open the Order's Actions Menu.

  3. Click Copy Order.

  4. Modify the expected start and end date for the order.

  5. Click Finish.

    Note: If errors occurred, you will be directed to the Data Requirement Message tab in the wizard. Correct any errors, and mark the box at the bottom if you wish to continue.

Edit a Master Order

  1. Search for and select the desired Master Order

  2. Click on a field and edit information as needed. 

  3. Click Finish after making edits. 


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