Add or Modify Email Profile

Your email profile must be set up if you wish to use any of the email features within Avionté.



Add Email Profile
Password Update
Add missing Tabs



Add Email Profile

  1. Click on Actions


  2. Click on Email Profile


  3. This will bring up the Email Profile window.


  4. On the Email Profile tab, enter the following information:

    Field Description Additional Information
    Profile Name Enter a name for this email profile.  
    Email Address Enter the email address for this profile.  
    User Name Enter the user name you'd like for this profile.  
    Password Enter the password you would like to have for accessing this profile.  This should be the mail domain password that you already use.
    Note: If the password for the email account changes, it will need to be updated in Avionté.
    Retype Password Confirm the password you created in the field above.  
    Reply To Email Address Set up an email address where replies will go.  
    Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Obtain this information from your administrator.  
    Outgoing Mail Server Port Obtain this information from your administrator.  
    Enable SSL Discuss with your administrator whether or not to enable SSL.  Avionté uses the Microsoft System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient object that supports SSL, however it only supports Explicit SSL and not Implicit SSL.
  5. Test the email profile by clicking Send Test Email. Set up your signature (optional). 

  6. The HTML tab can be used to add additional items such as images, or social networking links as necessary.

  7. Click Next to continue to the Share Profile tab.

  8. On the Share Profile tab you can select the users you want to share this email profile with. Across the top are three buttons that provide options for selecting users. Those options are:

    Select All Users From My Branch Share this profile with all users at your branch.
    Select All Users From My Supplier Share this profile with all the users at your supplier.
    Deselect All Unselect all users.
  9. Once you have selected the users with whom you would like to share this profile, click Finish to save.



Password Update

If the email account password changes, it will need to be updated in Avionté. If the password is not updated, email functionality will not work and users will receive an error message stating that “The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated….” 

    1. Click on Actions


    2. Click on Email Profile


    3. Enter the updated password in both password fields.

    4. Click on the Finish button

    5. To confirm that the password has been updated correctly, go to the Email Profile and click Send Test Email button.



Add missing Tabs

If the Email Profile or Share Profile Tab is missing, ensure you have access to it.

  1. Click on the Admin Tools button


  2. Double click on Wizard

  3. In the Category filter, type: EMAIL


  4. Click on the Tab you want displayed.
  5. Click the checkboxes for the Site & Supplier.
  6. Click on the Save button


  7. Click on the OK button


  8. It's recommended that you restart the application for the changes to be applied.



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