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Mass Mail - Add Item

Mass Mail items, or set emails that are sent to multiple recipients with little or no modification to the body of the email, are used throughout the staffing industry to handle large volume requests or notifications. Avionté simplifies this process in a single wizard that can be accessed using the New Mass Mail button where available. This article focuses on creating a Mass Mail from the Mass Mail sub-tree item in the core application.



Access the Mass Mail Wizard

Note: Mass Mail can also be accessed through Front Office > Email. The steps for creating a new Mass Mail are the same as described in the rest of the article.
  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Front Office > Email > Mass Mail.

  2. Locate and click the New Mass Mail button. The New Mass Mail wizard displays in a new window.

Mass Mail Tab

  1. Fill in the fields on the Mass Mail tab of the New Mass Mail wizard. 

    Field Description
    Description A free-form description of the Mass Mail being created.
    Email Profile The already existing Email Profile with an email address that will appear as the sender of the Mass Mail. 

    Click New to create a new Email Profile. For more information on this, see Email Profile.
    Type The type/role of people that the Mass Mail will be sent to (i.e. Contact, Customer, Employee, User, etc.)
    Favorite Group Selecting a Favorite Group will add all of the entities in that group along with their primary email addresses and phone numbers to the Favorite Group Items grid. These will be the recipients for this mass mailing.

    For more information on adding a Favorites Group, see Add a Favorites Group.
    Attachment Use the document upload icon to select a file to upload. 
  2. Once all of the recipients have been added, click Next to proceed to the Template tab.



Template Tab

A Mass Mail can be generated from an Avionté standard template or a template that is created by the user. These templates contain the email message with marked sections that will change based on the recipient and the subject (job order, missing time card) it is addressing.

  1. On the Template tab, select a template from the drop-down menu. The selected template can be viewed and edited in the lower window.
    Note: It is also possible to create a template for use from this section by clicking the New button.
    See theEmail - Template or Email - Template - 16.1 and Newer for more information.

  2. Any additional information that needs to be included in the Mass Mail, such as relevant customers/job orders, can be added in the Extra Entities group. 

    Extra Entities refer to additional subsets of information broken down by Customer, Order, Employee, User, etc. Selecting a group allows information specific to that group to source into and appear in the Mass Mail. Items can include the location of the order, the start date of the order, etc. 

    1. Select a search parameter from the Search Type drop-down menu under Extra Entities.

    2. Enter a variable to search for in the Search Text box and press Enter on your keyboard. A list of results will populate for your search along with more detailed information.

    3. Select the correct entry and press Tab on the keyboard to save.

  3. If you wish to add additional variable information based on the sender, recipient, or from the selected other entities (as chosen in Step 2), select the piece of information from the drop-down menu under the entity icon. 

    An entry between two "#" signs will source into the template and be filled with the corresponding information from the Avionté system when sent.

    Icon Description
    Refers to information that corresponds to the sender of the mass mail. 
    Refers to information that corresponds to the person who will receive the mass mail..
    Refers to an additional Extra Entity that has been chosen from the Extra Entities grid. If multiple Extra Entities are chosen, they will have the same icon.
    Note: Any selected entry will appear at the current cursor location within two "#" signs. Copy it, along with the #'s to move its location in the email. Any changes will be saved to the template for future uses.

  4. When all additional values have been selected, press Next to save and continue.



Preview and Send Tabs

The Preview tab will show all of the Mass Mails in this batch with all of their variable fields populated for their unique entities.

  1. Preview the Mass Mail that will be sent to the recipients. Correct any errors by clicking Previous to return to the Template screen.
    Note: However, some errors might be the result of a mistake in an entity's record. Open this entity’s (customer, employee, user) record and make edits there to have them show on a Mass Mail.

  2. Print some or all of the available Mass Mails if necessary by clicking the Print or Print All buttons at the top. 

  3. Click Next to go to the Send tab.

  4. Select the employees who should receive the email by placing a checkmark in the box under Select.

Note: If there is no box available, the user does not have an email address listed. For more information on how to add or edit an employee's email address, see Employee Detail.



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