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Updated 05/10/2023
The Detail section of the Temp Order section displays detailed information about the selected order as well as allows a user to edit that information where available.

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Basic Info Tab


Order Customer section

Field Description
Customer Name of the customer attached to the order.
Department Name of the depart within the customer attached to the order.
Order ID Identification number assigned to the order by Avionté.
BOLD Job ID Identification number assigned to the order in AviontéBOLD.


Order Info section

Field Description
Branch The branch of the customer responsible for the order.
Address The worksite address.
Wc Code The workers compensation code for this order.
Type The type of position it is (Temp, Temp to Permanent, Salaried)


Job Title section

The Job Title group contains two fields with information on the specific position being filled by the order:
  • The job's title
  • A free-text box with room for a long detailed description of the responsibilities and requirements for the position.


Rate section




The markup applied to the order.

Note: Clicking the drop-down displays more information about the markup including rates for double, over, and regular time. 

MarkUp Table Displays the dollar amounts of both the bill and pay rates.
Status The status of the order set either automatically or manually by the user.


Date section

Field Description
Date Table A table displaying the start date and other relevant information.
Pay Period Select the length of the pay period for this order.

Note: The pay period must be set correctly to ensure Federal and State taxes are withdrawn completely and without error.
OT Plan Select the OT Plan that is being used to manage the time worked on this order.



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