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Updated 07/07/2021


The Candidate item of the DH (Direct Hire) Order section allows for the management of candidates added to a specific DH order. Users can add a new candidate by using the New Candidate wizard.

Note: In versions 15.2 and newer, the ability to right-click on a row and delete a direct hire candidate has been removed. This was intentionally removed as some users were changing the candidate status of "placed" and then deleting the candidate. This created a discrepancy in time entry and invoice records. To remove candidates from search results, change the candidate status to "deleted" then restrict the filter to show only active candidates.

Candidates Tab

The Candidates tab is located at the bottom-left of the Candidates item. The Candidates tab allows you view various aspects of a candidate's profile from the bottom half of the page.


The Detail tab displays the candidate's basic information. The tabs to the right display additional information regarding the candidate. 
Field Description
Summary Displays information about the candidate not shown on the Detail tab itself.
Message Displays any recorded messages associated with the candidate.
Skills Catalogs the candidate's professional skills.
Education Catalogs the candidate's educational background.
Past Jobs Displays the candidate's prior work experience.
Requirement Indicates requirements for the position.
Certification Displays any special certifications possessed by the candidate.




The Interview tab contains the interview questions from the corresponding Interview item of the Employee section of Avionté. 


The Documents tab displays all of the documents attached in the customer's Documents tab. 
Field Description
Document The familiar name given to a document.
FileName The specific name give to a document.
FileType The type of file (.doc, .csv, etc.)
Note A free-form note about the document.
Date Created The date the document was created in the system.
Expiration Date An optional date applied to a document that indicates when the document expires.
Date Entered The date the document was uploaded to the system.



Status Log

The Status Log tab contains all of the status changes for an employee. 
Field Description
Old Status The candidate's previous status related to the order. e.g. - "Offer Made to Candidate"
New Status The candidate's updated status related to the order. e.g. - "Offer Refused by Candidate"
UserName The name of the user in the agency that made a modification. 
Date Modified The most recent date the order was modified.

Billing Info

The Billing Info tab contains all of the billing batches and payments made to a customer. 


Field Chooser

The Billing Info tab has an embedded field chooser used to designate which columns display.

Field Description
Accounting Period The date range in which the candidate's labor was billed.
BatchStatusConfigSystemChoiceID Identifies the status of the billing batch.
Bill Rate The dollar rate at which the candidate's time was billed.
Customer Name The name of the customer being billed.
Edit Rate Enables the editing of the billing rate.
Invoice Number The number of the invoice used to bill the customer for the candidate's labor.
IsModify Enables the modification of the billing.
Item Bill Total amount being billed to the customer.
Note A free-form space for notes about the bill.
See Invoice Enables the invoice to be seen by the user.
Transaction Type The specific type of financial exchange.
TransactionCreateID The unique identifier is associated with the transaction. 



External Candidates

The External Candidates tab displays all of the candidates that were not added from within Avionté. They can be added through the New Candidate wizard. Visit the New DH Order Candidate Wizard help page for information. 
Field Description
Name The name of the candidate.
Phone The phone number of the candidate.
Email The candidate's email address.
Address The candidate's street address.
State/Province State or province where the candidate resides.
Country Country in which the candidate resides.
Zip/Postal Code The zip/postal code of the candidate's residence.
See Details View the candidates detail.
Parse Resume Indicates whether or not the information from the candidate's resume can be parsed into the system.
Remove Indicates whether the candidate can be removed from the system.


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