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Updated 06/24/2021


Avionté text messaging functionality, sometimes referred to as "MassText", works similarly to MassMail as it allows one sender to notify multiple recipients with the same message.

Text messaging enables a sender to filter recipients based on a variety of characteristics including position title, status, and location. 


NoteText messaging is available through the Start Page > Actions Menu > Advanced Search option as well as the Call-Em-All integration.




Email Profile Setup

Mass Text requires that the sender's email has been configured in the Avionté application. Visit the Email Profile Setup help page for instructions.


Config Options

Mass Text requires two config options to be enabled. 


Config Option Navigation Path Link to Valid Values
AllowTextMessaging Admin Tools > Config Option > Config Option By FKName > Property > AllowTextMessaging AllowTextMessaging help page
MaxSmsTextCharacters Admin Tools > Config Option > Config Option By FKName > Property > MaxSmsTextCharacters MaxSmsTextCharacters help page



Send a Text Message

  1. Navigate to Start Page > Actions > Advanced Search

  2. Run an Advanced Search
    1. Choose a description from the Select Search drop-down menu.

    2. Click the Run Search button.
  • A search status window will display while results are being generated.

  • The Advanced Search window will automatically switch to the Search Result tab displaying the search results.
    • Filter the results further by entering content into column headings.

  • In the Select column, place a check mark next to the intended recipients of the Mass Text.

  • From the Action drop-down menu, select Text Messaging.

  • If a cell phone has not been set up for the recipient, an error message will display. 

    Double-click on an employee in the Advanced Search results to access and edit cell phone details. Double-clicking an employee will open the Employee > Summary page. Click the Edit Employee button, then Contact Methods to access the Employee > Contact Methodpage for cell phone editing.

  • If a Send Mail Option displays, ensure "Use SMTP mail profile" is selected in the Choose area and "Use Send Mail Dialog" is selected in the SMTP Option area.

  • Select Proceed. A Send Mail window will display with the recipient phone numbers pre-populated in the "To" field.

  • Though not required, content may be entered into the "Subject" field.

  • Enter a message into the free-text field.

  • Click Send & Close to send the message.

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