Actions Menu - Background Check Request

View submitted background check requests and submit new requests from the Background Check Request section. Users may send and review requests from this screen, and add employees to a new background check request.

From the Start Page > Actions Menu, select Background Check Request. The Screenings window appears with a list of ongoing and completed background check requests.


Available Actions

  • Send Selected: Send the selected background checks to their providers
  • Refresh: Refreshes the whole screen and every background check. 
  • Refresh Status: Refreshes just the statuses of the background checks.
  • New Background Check: Opens the New Background Check wizard.

Background checks are displayed using two tabs: Background Checks and Background Check Errors.


Background Checks Tab 

The columns in this tab are as follows:


Check box that marks which background check should be sent when you click Send Selected.

Note: If a background check has already been sent, this check box will appear checked and grayed out.


The employee assigned to the background check.

Provider The background check provider used for the request.
Package The package associated with the request.
Date Entered The date the background check was created.
Order Status

The status of the background check.

Note: Most of these statuses are customizable or unique to the individual background check provider. The exceptions are:

Open Background Check has been created, but not submitted.
Submitting Background Check is currently being sent to the Background Check Provider.
Pending The screening process for this background check is currently ongoing.
Action Required Results for this background check have been returned, and can be reviewed. Clicking on Action Required will change the status to Completed and close the background check request. (This change is only possible if the current user has the Config Option AllowEditBackgroundCheckActionRequired set to True.)
Vendor Order

Order number of the background check.

Note: These are specific to the provider and may not all be uniform styles.

Date Sent The date the background check was sent to the provider.
Result The result of the background check.
Result Link A link to the result of the Background Check.
Notes Any notes or messages that pertain to the background check.


Double-clicking on a background check with the status of Error will open the Background Check Errors tab. 


Background Check Errors Tab

This tab shows the background checks that have an error.  If the error message indicates missing information, then that field on the employee's record will need to be completed in order for the provider to process the background check request. For example, if the error message reads "Employee date of birth required," resolve the error by completing the Date of Birth field in the Employee EEO wizard. For help, see Troubleshoot a Background Request.



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