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Updated 07/07/2021


Messages for candidates can be stored, viewed, and added in the DH Order Message section. 



New Message Button

Click the New Message button to create a message that will be sent to the candidate and stored in the Messages section of the relevant order.



Message Section

Field Description
Action Type The type of action the message is about. e.g. - Offer Refusal, Follow Up
Time Stamp Auto-generated time and date the user clicked "New Message" to create the message.
Description A summary description of the message. 
UserName The name of the user that created the message.
Subject The subject text that will accompany the message.
Message A free-form text field where the user enters the actual message to be sent.
Make This A drop-down menu featuring a selection categorizations of the message - Appointment, Message, or Task.
Message Date A drop-down menu featuring a calendar selection on which to set the appointment, message, or task.



Message Link

Field Description
Attach To A drop-down menu featuring Main Menu selections that will designate a link that will attach to the message. The link will point to a main Avionte section - Employee, Customer, Order, Assignment, Invoice, Paycheck, Contact, Agency, AR, User, Unemployment, Favorites, or WC Claim.
Search Type A drop-down menu featuring Sub-Menu selections that will designate a link that will attach to the message. The sub-menu selections are dependent on the Main Menu item selected in the Attach To drop-down menu.
Search Text Specific search text to be included in the link that will attach to the message.
Search Result A drop-down menu designating the type of search result.



Attached To

Field Description
Order-DH The specific order to which the message will attach.
Customer The customer to whom the order is associated.
Employee The employee of the customer to whom the order is associated.



Print this message Button

Opens the message in a PDF format enabling the printing of the message.



Add an Action Type

To add an option to the Action Type drop-down menu, visit the Add an Action Type help article. 


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