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Updated 05/02/2022


The Interview section of the Temp Order item contains interview questions from a selected order.


Add an Interview Question
Delete an Interview Question



Add an Interview Question

  1. In the sub tree, select the Interview section.

  2. On the Interview section, select the Category for the question you wish to insert. You will have options for Questions from the Employer and General Questions depending on what main tree section you are in.

  3. After you have selected your category, click the Edit button under the Question field. Doing this will open a pop-up window that will allow you to enter the text for your question.

  4. In the Question text-entry window you can type out your question. You can verify the accuracy of your spelling by clicking on the Check Spelling button. Likewise, you can add new words to, or subtract unnecessary words from, the User Dictionary by clicking the Add/Remove Word button.

  5. After you have finished typing your question in the window click on OK. This will save the question you entered, close the text-entry window, and allow you to view the question you entered field directly above the Category and Question fields.

  6. Additional questions can be added by repeating this process. As more questions are included, the order that they appear in the list can be changed by selecting the SortOrder field next to the question that you would like to reorder. Then, type the number that corresponds to where in the list you want the question to appear in the reordered list.

  7. Verify that these questions now appear in the Order Candidate Detail by navigating to the Candidates section of the Order sub tree.



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