Web Portal Property - Web_Customer_TimeEntry_RegHours_ShowType


Updated 06/25/2021


The Web Portal Property Web_Customer_TimeEntry_RegHours_ShowType allows a user to set what values will be displayed and available for entry on the Time Entry portal. The options available are: Total Hours (No In/Out entry); Start Time, End Time, and Total Break hours; and Start Time, End Time, Break in, and Break out.


Property location: Core application > Customer section > select a customer > Sales & Service > Service Info tab on the right of the page > Web Option button
Default: 0
Valid values: 0: Allows user to enter the total hours per day (no in/out).
1: Allows user to enter start time, end time and the total break hours.
2: Allows user to enter start time, end time, break in and break out.
Where the setting is reflected... Time Entry Portal

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