Order Candidate

The Candidate item of the Order section (different from the Candidates sub menu item) enables the management of candidates added to a specific temp order. 

External Candidates

The External Candidates tab displays all of the candidates that were not added from within Avionté. They can be added through the New Candidate wizard
The External Candidate can be sorted by the following:
Field Description
Name The name of the candidate.
Phone The phone number of the candidate.
Email The candidate's email address.
Address The candidate's street address.
State/Province State or province where the candidate resides.
Country Country where the candidate resides.
Zip/Postal Code Applicable zip/postal code to where the candidates.
See Details View the candidates detail.
Remove Remove the candidate.


Add a Candidate

The New DH Order Candidate wizard allows a user to add a new candidate to an existing DH Order.


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