Employee Requirements


Updated 07/08/2021


The Requirements item of the Employee section records data regarding the hiring requirements possessed by the employee.


The fields of the Requirement item record the following data:
Field Description
Type Indicates the requirement to be fulfilled for the Employee (i.e. background check, DOT physical, etc.) New requirement types can be added to the grid by selecting them from the drop-down menu of the bottom-most cell of the Type column.
Value Indicates whether the requirement has been met by the Employee.
Note Commentary regarding the specific requirement is recorded here.
Date Entered Automatically generated date that indicates when the requirement type was put into the system.



How to make and implement a new Employee Requirement:

1. Make a New Choice Code:
Admin Tools > Config Choice > Detail Tab > Add New > Set Category: ‘Requirement’ > Choice Code (Name of the requirement) > Description (Description of requirement) > Select Branches > Save


2. Ascribe Values
Admin Tools > Config Choice > ChoiceProperty tab > Category: ‘Requirement’ > Find your requirement > Click the button in ‘New Value’ Column > Enter in Values by typing in the blank space and press tab to save.

This is where you would put your options: Acceptable, Unacceptable, or Review Results.



3. Enable choice code
Admin Tools > Config Choice > ChoiceProperty tab > Category: ‘Requirement’ > Find your requirement > Change ‘IsEmployeeRequirement’ from False to True. Then they should appear in the drop-down for you.



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