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Updated 07/08/2021


Record notes about an employee in the Message item of the Employee section. The section can also be accessed by clicking the Log Message button in the Shortcuts group on the Summary item of the Employee section.


Message fields are automatically available for input as the Employee > Message page is accessed.

Note: To reset the fields, select New Message.

  1. In Message, enter the following:

    Field Description
    Action Type The action type for this message. Action types can be added. See the Add an Action section below. 
    Description The description for this Action type.
    Subject A subject that will accompany the message.
    Message The body text of the message.
  2. In Make This, enter the following:

    Field Description
    First Drop-Down Menu The type of communication (message, task, etc.)
    Second Drop-Down Menu The date of the communication.
  3. In Message Link, enter the following:

    Field Description
    Attach To Select additional items for this message to be attached to.
    Search Type Select where to search for your desired item.
    Search Text The value by which 
    Search Result This drop-down menu will offer result selections based on Search Type and Search Text.
  4. In the Attached To group, view all of the menu items to which this message will be attached. 

  5. Depending upon the window accessed, click the Finish or the Save Message button to save and submit this message.


Add an Action Type

To add an option to the Action Type drop-down menu, visit the Add an Action Type help article. 



New Message Wizard

The New Message wizard allows a user to compose and perform actions with a message when the user is not on the Employee > Message page. The New Message Wizard is available from various locations in the application. Visit the New Message Wizard article for more details.


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