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Updated 05/10/2023


The Assignment section is used to add, catalog, and edit details regarding work assigned to employees.


Add an Assignment

Four tabs are available on the far-right of the main pane on the Assignment page - Basic Info, Schedule, More Info, and Pay/Bill History. Populate the fields in each tab according to the field definitions below.

Basic Info Tab

The Basic Info tab of the Assignment item displays the primary data concerning a particular order related to an Employee. The tab is separated into five information areas - Order Info, Branch/Performance, Date, Rate, and User. The tab also features navigation functionality.



Order Info

Field Description
Employee The employee assigned to the order. Clicking the Jump To button on the far-right of the field navigates you to the employee's profile in the Employee section.
Customer Name of the current customer for the order. Clicking the Jump To button on the far-right of the field will navigate you to the Summary item of the Customer section.
Department The name of the customer's department to which the employee has been assigned.
Job Title Title of the assignment's position.
WC Code Workers Compensation code.
Order ID Identification number for the order to which the assignment is attached. Clicking the Jump To button on the far-right of the field navigates you to the Order section.
BOLD Job ID Identification number for the order to which the assignment is attached in AviontéBOLD. Displays for clients using BOLD; otherwise not.
Assignment ID Identification number for the assignment. Clicking the Jump To button on the far-right of the field navigates you to the Assignment section.


Field Description
Branch The supplier branch that is associated with the assignment.
Performance Refers to the employee's job performance while on assignment. 




Field Description
Start Date/End Date Displays the date that the employee began the assignment under the Start Date column, as well as the date the assignment concluded under the End Date column.
End Reason A drop-down menu offering options to explain why the employee's assignment at the customer ended.




The MarkUp field displays the current overtime plan in use by the customer. The grid in the Rate group allows users to select the type of pay they wish to display as well as the respective variety of rate. Rates in this grid can be edited simply by clicking on the cell and updating the data contained therein. To add an entry to the grid:
  1. Select the type of rate from the drop-down menu in the bottom-most cell of the Type column.

  2. Enter the rate of pay into the Pay column.

  3. Enter the bill rate into the Bill column.




The User group grid displays the roles for the assignment as well as the user attached to them. New roles and users can be added to the grid by:

  1. Select a user type for the bottom-most cell of the User Type column.

  2. Select the user that matches that type from the adjacent cell of the User column.




The Navigation group allows you to cycle between the assignments attached to the customer by clicking on the arrows in the group.



Schedule Tab

The Schedule tab of the Assignment item records the start and end dates of a particular assignment as well as the associated rates of pay and billing.

The cells of the Pay and Bill can be updated to reflect changes to those rates by clicking on the desired cell and making alterations to the generated data.

The assignments to which the Employee is currently assigned will be marked as "IsActive".



More Info

The More Info tab of the Assignment records shift and messaging information for the assignment.




Field Description
Shift Select or enter the name of the shift to be worked on this assignment. The adjacent fields are used to enter the start and end time of the daily shift and the days that shift is active can be selected below that.


Field Description
Arrival Call Call when employee arrives for work.
Second Day Call Call on the employee's second day on the assignment.
Weekly Call Check-in call made once a week.
Ending Call Call made when the assignment ends.



Assignment Info

Field Description
Assignment Type Indicates the type of assignment.
Split Plan A drop-down menu of options indicating the type of split plan (transaction revenue shared between staffing agency branches) for the assignment. 
Agency Designates the agency supplying the employee.
W2 Indicates if a W2 is required.




Any commentary regarding the assignment can be recorded here.



Pay/Bill History

The Pay/Bill History tab records the payment and billing information for the assignment.
The Transaction History grid can be updated by selecting different assignments from the Assignment tab at the bottom of the window. The Transaction History grid displays makes available the following through its field chooser:
Field Description
Bill Rate The rate which the customer is being billed.
Bill Unit Total number of hours being billed.
Item Bill Total amount being billed to the customer.
Item Pay Total pay for this assignment for this pay period.
Name The name of the type of hours being recorded.
Pay Rate The rate at which the employee is being paid.
Pay Unit Total number of hours being paid out.
WeekWorked The date that the work week ended for the pay period.


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