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Updated 07/08/2021
Note: New Entries can be added through the Assignment Schedule Roster wizard
The Roster item of the Customer section displays employee availability for a customer. The page is most frequently used to record absences or late arrivals at an assignment. 
Though users have the ability to record a variety of statuses in the days of the week columns, every status change is recorded to the employee record - which may create a lot of data "noise." Therefore, it's recommended to limit recording to only the most important status changes. 


Field Chooser

The field chooser on the Roster item allows you to sort your data by the following criteria:
Field Description
Assignment ID Identification number for the assignment.
Bill Rate Rate at which the customer is being billed.
Branch The branch the customer is associated with.
Customer ID Identification number for the customer.
Customer Name Name of the customer.
Employee ID Identification number for the employee.
End Date Date the assignment was completed.
Friday Indicates the attendance status for the Friday of the week worked.
Hours Total number of hours worked by the employee during the week.
Job Title Name of the position worked by the employee.
Monday Indicates the attendance status for the Monday of the week worked.
Name Name of the employee.
Order ID Identification number of the order.
Pay Rate Rate of pay issued to the employee.
Performance Indicates how well the employee has been at achieving the goals of the assignment.
Saturday Indicates the attendance status for the Saturday of the week worked.
Shift Name Indicates the name of the shift worked by the employee (i.e. first, second, third, etc.).
SSN Social Security Number for the employee.
Start Date Date that the assignment began.
Sunday Indicates the attendance status for the Sunday of the week worked.
Thursday Indicates the attendance status for the Thursday of the week worked.
Tuesday Indicates the attendance status for the Tuesday of the week worked.

Offers three icons that open summary items of the Employee section, Order section, and Assignment sections respectively.

Wc Code Workers Compensation code.
Wednesday Indicates the attendance status for the Wednesday of the week worked.
Week Displays the ending date for the week worked.


Double clicking on any row will open the Assignment Schedule Roster wizard. Visit the Assignment Schedule Roster help page for more information. 



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