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This Web Login option is located on the Employee Actions Menu. This menu option provides a web login management interface that is employee-specific. Selecting this menu item displays a employee-specific Web Login User wizard which allows Avionté users the ability to manage web login credentials for individual employees. 



Ensure that the Web Login and Web Portal Menu User tabs are active by following the steps in Admin Tools: Wizard. If the tabs are not marked as active for the specific branch, they will not display.



Access the Web Login Window

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Front Office > Employee.

  2. Search for an Employee using the search fields at the top of the application.

  3. Click on the employee for whom you are managing web login access.

  4. In the sub-tree, click Summary.

  5. Click the Actions drop-down menu. 


  6. Select Web Login from the list. The Web Login User window displays.


Configure the Web Login Tab

  1. The Web Login User window may display two tabs, the Web Login tab and the Web Portal Menu User tab. Enter the information in the fields according to the definitions outlined in the Web Login Tab Definitions section below.
    Note: The Web Portal Menu User tab only displays if the emp_WebLogin config option has been enabled.


  2. Click Next to proceed to the Web Portal Menu User tab, if the config option has been enabled. If the config option has not been enabled and the tab does not display, go to Step 11.


  3. Click Generate Web Portal Menu Users. A list of web items will populate in the grid. 


  4. Select the specific items listed in the grid that this selected user is allowed to view/access by placing a checkmark in the IsVisible column.


  5. Click Finish




Web Login Tab Definitions

See the list of definitions below for more on completing the Web Login tab of the Web Login User window.


Login Info Section

Field Description
Login Name (auto-populated) The username based on the Avionté Core application username.

(asterisks displayed for security) The password that will be used to log into the Employee portal. 

Note: If a password is not entered, a 16-character password will be generated for the user. Check the "Email Web Login" box to send the password to the user's email.
  1. Click on the asterisks in the field.
  2. Delete the asterisks.
  3. Type in the user's new password.

Web Login password requirements:

    • At least eight characters
    • One special character
    • One capital letter
    • One number
    • Passwords with 16 or more characters may be any combination
    • Five failed password attempts will disable entry attempts for 15 minutes

Click the Reset button to populate the Password field with a random password. The user may type over the password to install a custom password.

User Description (auto-populated, but editable) A free-text description of the user.
Web Role

(auto-populated) The role that defines the access and responsibilities of the user. Different levels of access are applied to roles. When a user is defined in a role, the levels of access are granted to the user. Only two web roles are available in the Employee Actions Menu > Web Login page - Employee and Applicant


Web Role Description
Employee Gives the user access to the Employee Portal.

Some Employee information (interview questions Q & A, EEO, pre-employment assessments, acknowledgement form, etc.) is created during the application process through the Applicant portal, then only available to an employee after the application process by logging into the Employee portal (not the Applicant Portal) with the Web Role of "Applicant."

Note: Using the Applicant Portal to recreate information is not recommended as duplicate information errors may be generated. 


To enable an Employee's access to information they provided during the application process, 

  1. Change the employee's web role to "Applicant."

  2. Provide the employee with the Employee Portal URL (not the Applicant Portal URL) and sign-in credentials.
  • The Employee portal is used instead of the Applicant portal because accessing the Applicant portal initiates a new application process and the user would be recognized as already having applied.

  • The Employee updates or gathers their information. 
  • Changes will be made to the existing Employee record. A new record will not be created.

  • Change the Employee Web Role back to Employee, so they can continue to view their work and pay history. 

Options Section

Field Description
Account Locked When checked, the employee is unable to access their account.
Reset Password at Next Login

When checked, the employee will be prompted to reset their password during the next login. Avionté Suite passwords expire every 90 days. 

Email Web Login

When checked, an email containing login credentials is sent to the employee. 



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