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Employee Background Check


Updated 07/08/2021


The Employee Background Check subsection displays all of the background checks requested through an employee screening service (for example, Asurint or PeopleG2) for an employee.


Note: To request background checks on multiple employees, use the Background Check Request feature of the Start Page > Actions menu.


For information on setting up a background check integration, visit Integrations - Background Check.



Employee Background Check Overview

The following actions can be done from this section:

  • Create a New Background Check using the New Background Check button. 

  • Click Send Selected to send all the selected background checks to the specified provider.

  • Employee's Actions Menu: The full Actions Menu is available in this subsection.

  • Create a New Employee using the New Employee button. 


Background Check Columns

Click on a column to sort by that column. To filter, click in the row below the column header.


Check box that marks which background checks should be sent when you click Send Selected.

Note: If a background check has already been sent, this check box will be marked and grayed out.

Provider The background check provider used for the request.
Package The package associated with the request.
Date Entered The date the background check was created.
Order Status

The status of the background check.

Note: Most of these statuses are customizable or unique to the individual background check provider. The exceptions are:

Open Background Check has been created, but not submitted.
Submitting Background Check is currently being sent to the Background Check Provider.
Pending The screening process for this background check is currently ongoing.
Action Required Results for this background check have been returned can be reviewed. Clicking on Action Required status will close the background check request. This is only possible if the current user has the Config Option AllowEditBackgroundCheckActionRequired set to true.
Vendor Order

Order number of the background check.

Note: These are specific to the provider and may not all be uniform styles.

Date Sent The date the background check was sent to the provider.
Result The result of the background check (e.g., Pass).
Result Link A link to the result of the background check.
Notes Any notes or messages pertaining to the background check.



New Background Check

The New Background Check wizard can be accessed from the Background Check tab in the Employee screen, and from the Background Check Request main screen.




Note: If this wizard is accessed from the Employee section (instead of from Start Page > ActionsBackground Check Request), it will be missing functionality including the option of assigning multiple employees to a single background check request. However, accessing the wizard from the Employee section does allow a single employee to be assigned to multiple background check providers at one time.


Populate the fields in the following areas:

  • Provider: The provider section is a drop-down menu of available background check providers.
    • Note: If your desired provider is not in the drop-down, the plugin may need to be installed or activated in Admin Tools > Background Check Plugins. If, on the other hand, a provider appears in the drop-down but should be hidden, disable or uninstall the plugin.
  • Relates To: The Supplier or Customer the employee is related to. 

  • Packages: The list of Packages (types of screening) associated with the provider. 
    • Note: These packages are provided by your background check provider. Packages can be configured and added in Admin Tools > Background Check Plugins

  • Search: To select an employee to assign to the background check, type in the search criteria, then press Enter. A drop-down list will appear under "Search results." Searches can be performed on the following criteria:

    Name Search by the name of the employee.
    SSN Search by the full SSN.
    Employee ID Search by the Employee ID.
    Phone Number (Contains) Search by Phone Number. Results will populate if the given digits are contained in the phone number.
    City Name Search by the city the employee is in. 
    State Search by the state the employee is in. 
    Zip Code Search by the zip code the employee is in.
    External ID Search by the External ID of the employee.
    Phone Number (Begins with) Search by Phone Number. Results will populate if the digits form the beginning of the phone number.
    Last four SSN Search by last four digits of the employee's SSN.
    Entered By Search by the user who created the employee record.
    Record Type Search by the record type of the employee (Processed, Unprocessed, or Purged).
    All Contact Methods Search by all contact methods. Results will populate if the criteria is contained in any contact method of an employee.
  • Search Results: Choose from among the employees who match the search criteria entered. Then click Add.
  • Notes: Contains any notes entered for a background check request.

  • Send request immediately upon finish: Mark the check box if the request should be sent after clicking Finish

  • Alternatively, send the background check from the Background Check Request screen with the Send Selected button.

  • Finish: Click Finish to save the selected employees and background check requests (and to send the requests, if Send request immediately upon finish was checked).



Background Check Billing

The Employee > Background Check area features billing functionality. As a background check is processed, users may configure to which customer the background check will be billed, in which accounting period, and the amount of the background check. 



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