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Order Assignment (Mass) Rate Update Utility Report AQ

The Order Assignment Rate Update Utility Advanced Query (AQ) is used to mass update minimum wage values based on a given effective date. It allows an Admin Tools user to update the Order, Assignment, and open Accounting Period’s transactions' pay and bill rates for the Reg, OT, and DT transaction types. Users have the ability to run this for a certain state and/or city which will then update only those orders, assignments, or transactions. If there is a city that requires a different minimum wage than the state, run the AQ for the state first and then for the different cities. This can also be used for mass rate updates.


User Access

To give a user access to the Order Assignment Rate Update Utility AQ:

  1. Go to Admin Tools > System > Report

  2. Select Order Assignment Rate Update Utility AQ in the ReportName column.

  3. Select the User radio button.

  4. Check the checkbox next to the username of the users you would like to have access to this import.

  5. Click Save.


If the Order Assignment Rate Update Utility AQ is not available in Admin Tools > System > Reports, please submit a ticket with the following information:

  • Nature of Request: I would like an update specific to my Avionté application.

  • Subject: Add Order Assignment Rate Update Utility AQ.

  • Ticket Type: Report> Import > Other

  • Description: Please deploy the Order Assignment Rate Update Utility AQ.

AQ Parameters

  • New Min Wage: The dollar amount of the new minimum wage. No dollar sign ($) should be entered. This will be the new hourly pay rate for the Reg transaction type.
    • Note: The Order Assignment Rate Update Utility AQ will not update the minimum wage value in Admin Tools > Employer > Locality/Country tab. Users must also update this field for the minimum wage warning DRM to fire.

  • New Min Wage Start Date: The start date of the new minimum wage value.
    • If there is only one active/future assignment schedule, the system will apply a rate change by ending the existing assignment schedule and creating a new one on this start date.
    • The system will then use the existing end date on the current schedule for the new schedule's end date.
    • If more than one active/future assignment schedules exist, the system will not create a new schedule. It will simply update all the schedules that contain pay rates under the new minimum wage value and are active as of the given date.
  • State Code: Select the state for which minimum wage rates are being updated.

  • Update Order Rates: True or False selection. Do you want the utility to update the pay rates on the Order level?
    • If True is selected, the system will update Orders with worksite addresses in the state selected and which are active as of the New Min Wage Start Date.

  • Keep Current Bill Rate: True or False selection. Do you want to keep the existing bill rates or update them based on the markup provided?

  • Worksite City: If you need to apply the minimum wage only to a specific city, enter the city name here. Use the percent sign (%) to update all cities in the state provided in the State Code parameter.

  • Update Open Accounting Period Transactions: True or False selection. Do you want this update to affect the existing open accounting period's transactions' bill and pay rates?

  • Rate Change Reason: You can select the rate change reason for the new rates.
    • New Rate Change Reasons can be added in Admin Tools > System > Config Choice under the category of AssignmentRateChangeReason.

  • Run Type: The phase for which you would like to run this update, Review or Commit phase
    • Review: Allows user to preview the assignments that will get updated based on the given parameters.
    • Commit: Finalizes the changes and displays the new rates in the AQ's results.


  1. Navigate to Report in the Avionté Main Menu.

  2. Double click on Order Assignment Rate Update Utility AQ.

  3. Select the appropriate parameters

  4. Select the Run Type of Review

  5. Click Run Query.
    1. View the results to review the assignments that will be updated to confirm changes that will be made.

  6. Once you have reviewed expected outcomes, change the parameter of Run Type to Commit.

  7. Click Run Query.

  8. All rates listed in the results list have been updated.

Results of using the Utility

For an update run with a New Minimum Wage Start Date of 11/16/2021:
  • Original Assignment Schedule
  • Assignment Schedule after Order Assignment Rate Update Utility AQ is run:


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