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Employer Healthcare Contribution Import (AQ)

The Employer Healthcare Import is used for manually inserting dollar amounts into Box 12 of the employee's W-2. The import is useful when healthcare values do not automatically migrate. 



Report access

Set the System Name of the new Choice Code
Complete the Employer configuration
User Access to Import
Import File
Processing the Import
Updates on W-2
Common Errors



Report access

Note: If the Employer Healthcare Import is not available in Admin Tools > System > Reports > Advance Query please submit a ticket with the following information: 
  • Nature of Request: I would like an update specific to my Avionté application. 
  • Subject: Add Employer Healthcare Import Feed.
  • Ticket Type: Feeds > Import > Other
  • Description: Please deploy the Employer Healthcare Import.




After the Employer Healthcare Import has been added to Avionté some additional setup is required. Setup is required in the Employer and Config Choice section of Admin Tools. This configuration should be completed to insure the correct mapping values are entered. 

  1. Click on the Admin Tools button

  2. Click on System
  3. Click on Config Choice

  4. In the Detail tab, click Add New.


  5. Enter date for the new Config Choice
    1. Category = EmployeeExtra
    2. Choice Code = Enter "Employer Healthcare" and the year you are importing.
      Example: Employer Healthcare 2021
    3. Description: Enter additional information


  6. Select the necessary branches
    1. All are recommended so the import can be used on any branch.
  7. Click Save.


  8. Click on the OK button


Set the System Name of the new Choice Code

  1. Click on the Choice Property tab.


  2. Select the Category of "EmployeeExtra".
  3. Choose one branch from the Select Branch drop-down menu. 
  4. Check the checkbox for Apply Changes to All Branches.


  5. Click on the Go button


  6. In the Choice Code column, filter to "Employer Healthcare."


  7. In the System Name column, type 'Employer_Healthcare_YEARID'
    1. Example: For 2021, input: Employer_Healthcare_2021


  8. Hit Tab on your keyboard to save.
    1. A confirmation box will appear to ensure you want to apply this change across all branches.
  9. Click on the Yes button


  10. The System Name will then be properly updated for all branches.

Complete the Employer configuration

  1. Click on the Admin Tools button


  2. Click on the Employer
  3. Double click on your Supplier.


  4. In the Detail tab, locate the Supplier Properties section.


  5. Filter the Property Name column by typing in HEALTH.
  6. Select the Property EmployerHealthEmployeeExtraSystemName


  7. Change the Value column to Employer_Healthcare_YEAR, replacing the YEAR with the reporting year.
    1. Example: Employer_Healthcare_2021.
  8. Click on the Save button.


  9. Click on the OK button


User Access to Import

  1. Click on the Admin Tools button


  2. Click on System
  3. Double click on Report


  4. Click on the Advance Query tab.


  5. Filter for "Employer Healthcare Import" in the QueryName column.


  6. Select the User radio button.


  7. Check the checkbox next to the username of the users you would like to have access to this import.
  8. Click on the Save button


  9. Click the OK button




Import File

An Excel file with the following columns in the exact order shown below is required for the Employer Healthcare Import. Please use the attached sample if manually generating file. 

Download the sample Import file

  1. EmployeeID - Employee's ID number from the Employee > Summary screen
  2. SSN - Employee's full Social Security Number
    1. This field can contain dashes or the dashes can be removed. If dashes are entered, the system will strip these out to import the file properly.
  3. LastName - Employee's Last Name
  4. FirstName - Employee's First Name
  5. EmployerHealthcareAmount - Dollar amount to be added to Box 12 of the Employee's W-2. 
    1. This field can contain a dollar sign, but it is not necessary. If a dollar sign is input, the system will strip the $ out to complete the import.



Processing the Import

  1. Go to Import Export section of the Avionté Main Menu.
  2. Click the New Batch button.


  3. Enter a brief description for the batch.
  4. Select the Employer Healthcare Import for the Mapping Group (this will populate the processing method field automatically).


  5. Click on the Browse button


  6. Locate and select the file to import.
  7. Click on the Open button


  8. Select the WorkSheet from the WorkSheet dropdown menu.


  9. In the Supplier row of the grid, enter the supplier name in the Value column. 
  10. In the Year row of the grid, enter the year in the Value column. 


  11. Click on the Finish button.


  12. Click on the Process Import Export Batch button


  13. Click on the OK button



Example of file imported




This import can be run multiple times. 

First, the import will update (replace) the value if it already exists. The Extra value would reflect what was most recently imported. 

If the Extra value doesn't exist, it will insert a new Extra value record. 



Updates on W-2

Once the import is complete, go to Weekly Process > Generate GreenShade.  Select Generate Feed & XML.  You must Generate Feed & XML again in order to see the update on the W2. 

Confirm W-2s are reflecting the imported amount by running the W2 4Up Blank report. 



Common Errors

"Employer Healthcare EmployeeExtra ConfigChoiceID has not been configured."

  • If this error occurs, go back to the Admin Tools > System > Config Choice and ensure a Choice Code with the System Name of Employer_Healthcare_YEAR is added under the Category of EmployeeExtra.  Also ensure that this code is available to all branches.
    • Example: Config Choice System Name needs to equal Employer_Healthcare_2021



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