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Updated 07/06/2021


A Master Order is a status used to indicate an order is used for copying purposes only.

A Master Order is a status for a temporary order used strictly for copying purposes, and will not actually be filled nor counted toward job order metrics. Creating a master order is useful, as it saves time and is generally used during high volume order processing. 

Note: Once created, an order with this status can be used as template through the Copy Order function.



Add the Master Order status

  1. Navigate to Admin Tools > Config Choice > Detail tab.

  2. Select Add New to clear out the fields in the bottom section.

  3. Select Order_TempStatus in the Category drop-down menu.

  4. Enter "Master Order" in the Choice Code field.

  5. Enter a description that will display for this Config Choice selection elsewhere in the system.
    Note: A description similar to "Master Order. Do not place to this order" is recommended.

  6. Select branches that will have the config choice applied.

  7. Click Save.



Configure the Master Order


  1. Navigate to the Admin Tools > Config Choice > ChoiceProperty Tab.

  2. Select Order_TempStatus from the category drop-down menu, and the applicable branch from the branch drop-down menu.

    Note: If you wish to apply the Master Order to all branches, mark the checkbox to the right of the branch drop-down menu. This will prompt a pop-up after every change ensuring you wish to update to all branches.

  3. Find and select Master Order.

  4. Configure the Master Order status. Set the following column properties to False:

    Column Properties
    AllowAssignment False
    FilledStatus False
    ImpliesActive False
    IsDefault False
    IsWebVisible False
    OpenStatus False
    PartiallyFilledStatus False
  5. Customize the rest of the Config Choice properties as desired.


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