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Updated 05/11/2023
The Summary item of the Order section displays the most pertinent information related for a order. The Summary item displays the information added when the order was first created, and can be edited on the order detail page. It also includes information supplied in the Order Options item of the Customer section. 

Order Info

Field Description
Customer Name The name of the customer on the order.
Department Name The department the position attached to the order is under.
Address The address associated with the order.
Order Type The type given to the order.
Job Position The position the order is meant to fill.
Order ID The ID number generated for this order.
BOLD Job ID The ID number generated for this order in AviontéBOLD. Applies only to clients using BOLD.
Is Posted to Web A check-mark box indicating whether or not this order has been posted to the web.

Branch Other

Field Description
Branch Name The branch name linked to the order.
WcCode/WSIB The worker's compensation or work safety number for this position.
Account Manager The account manager for the customer on this order.



Order Dates

Field Description
Start Date Date the order begins.
End Date Date the order is completed.
Required Displays the number of people needed to fill the positions on the order.
Placed Displays the number of people already filling the positions attached to the order.
Schedule Status The status of the order.




The Shortcut menu is a customizable set of four buttons that link to actions from the actions menu.


Field Description
Status The status of the order.
Shift What shift the order covers.
MarkUp The mark up applied to the position when filled.



Order Rates

Field Description
Type The kind of rate the row contains.
Pay Rate The rate at which the position is paid.
Bill Rate The rate at which the customer is billed.

Note: Clicking on the order rate table opens a window to edit order rates.

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