Invoice Corrections

This article describes how to correct invoices with issues such as incorrect billing, incorrect rates, or improper processing methods. See Invoice Troubleshooting - Adding PO# after Batch Close help page for additional troubleshooting information.

As of version 13.2, sales taxes are automatically updated with any corrections. If no other modifications have been made on the window, but the rates changed in Admin Tools, the new rates can be applied by clicking Finish on the window.

Note: If using version 13.1 (or previous) and the correction is due only because of changes to the sales tax rates (applied in Admin Tools), refer below to the Recalculate Sales Tax section.

There is a different process for PA Invoice Corrections; see this link:

Invoice Corrections for Invoices with PA Sales Tax


Tutorial Video
Enable Invoice Corrections
Correct an Invoice
Invoice Correction Tabs



Tutorial Video



Enable Invoice Corrections

To allow users to correct an invoice, the config option AllowUpdateBOInvoiceCorrection must be set to "True." See the Config Option - AllowUpdateBOInvoiceCorrection article for details.

Correct an Invoice

There is a different process for PA Invoice Corrections:

Invoice Corrections for Invoices with PA Sales Tax


  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Back Office > Invoice

  2. Search for the invoice that needs to be corrected.

  3. Choose Invoice Correction from the Actions menu, or the Invoice Correction shortcut if available. The Invoice Correction window appears.

    The top portion of the window displays a list of the transactions that are associated with the invoice. For a selected transaction in the grid, the Week Worked and the Branch can be modified.

  4. Choose a transaction from the list to display the information related to that transaction in the lower area of the window. The lower portion of the window is documented in this article's Invoice Correction Tabs section.

  5. Make the necessary corrections on the tabs at the bottom of the window then click Finish (or Process Correction if using a version previous to 13.2).

    Note: To undo a correction, you can right-click over the value and choose Undo Modification. The New Billing Batch window appears.

  6. Modify the Invoice Date, if needed, and add an optional description.

  7. Click Finish.

    A message will appear confirming the correction is complete.

    Note: Although merging invoices is not required, this step is recommended so the corrected invoice shows the correctly adjusted invoice amount along with the adjusted sales tax.
  8. Click Yes to merge the invoices. The Invoice Merge wizard appears.

  9. The original invoice and the corrected invoice numbers are displayed. Click Next to continue. The Invoice Merge Transaction Item Selection tab appears.

  10. Review the items listed in the grid and click the checkbox associated with each item to include the item in the invoice.

  11. Click Finish.
Note: Merged invoices will stay as individual invoices within the system; invoices are only combined here for easy location and printing.

  • If Invoice Preview was selected as described in the step above, the invoice is displayed in ReportViewer.

  • If Invoice Preview is not selected, the Print window appears.
  • To print the invoice, click the Print icon displayed in the menu bar at top of the window.

  • To save a copy of the invoice, click the Save icon in the menu bar. Close ReportViewer when finished with the invoice.



Invoice Correction Tabs

The lower portion of the Invoice Correction window is sectioned by tabs featuring different data displays as well as additional functionality. 


Weekly Units Tab

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