Employee Detail

The Detail item of the Employee section is used to edit the basic information for the employee.



Employee Summary Bar

The Employee Summary Bar displays general information about a selected employee including:
  • Address
  • Home Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • Email

The data on the Detail item is displayed in the following groups:


Personal Information

Field Description
First Name Employee's first name.
Last Name Employee's last name.
Middle Name Employee's middle name.
Nickname Alternate name for the employee.
Maiden Name Employee's last name prior to marriage.
Previous Aliases Names that the employee used to go by.
SSN The employee's Social Security Number.
Employee ID Identification number associated to the employee.
Salutation A moniker for the employee (i.e. Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.)
Active Date* The date this employee was processed into the system.
BOLD Talent ID The employee's Talent ID in AviontéBOLD. Displays for integrated customers; otherwise does not display.


Note: Active Date will display based on the UseResourceProcessing setting.


Background Summary

Field Description
E-Verify Status The status of an E-Verify employment eligibility inquiry.

Indicates if this employee has a criminal history.

Note: If there are entries in Criminal History, these will become links to that section.
Comments Any additional comments on this employee's background.





Address Type

Indicates the type of address being recorded (i.e. home address, work site, etc.)

The See All button allows access to all of the user's provided addresses. Users can edit address information through the "See All" access.

Country The country where the employee lives.
Street 1 The employee's street address
Street 2 The employee's street address
City The employee's city of residence.
State/Province The employee's state or province of residence.
Zip Code The employee's zip code of residence.
GEO Code

Auto-generated code for the geographical region that applies to the address type. 

The GEO Code can be edited through the See All button in the Address Type field. 

Caution: Back office functions, like payroll and billing, require an accurate geocode. If a geocode does not populate, use an online map application (e.g. Google Maps) to verify the address information is precise.

School District The school district where the address is located. 


Employee Address Editing

Select the See All button in the Address area to display the Employee Address window. 



The Employee Address window is designed to manage addresses related to the employee including a home address, temporary address, and a previous address.



Field Description
New Address Enables the addition of a new address. When creating a new address, populate the fields according to the definitions below.
Address Filters The address filter area displays all of the addresses for the employee. Column headers can be used to adjust the order of multiple addresses. For instance, to order the displayed addresses alphabetically by State, click on the State column header. 
Address Type

A drop-down menu featuring the options Home Address, Previous Address, and Temp Address.

The selection of address type determines what fields are available to populate. Most notably, the Previous Address configuration does not include geocode fields but does prompt for a date range showing when the employee lived at the address. 

Country The country in which the address is located.
Street 1 The main street address - e.g. 221 Baker Street
Street 2 Subsequent street address information - e.g. Apt. B
City The city in which the address is located.
State The state in which the address is located.
Zip Code The U.S. Postal code for the employee address.
Geo Code

Code that corresponds to a particular geographic location. GEO codes determine the tax withholdings for the employee and the employer to ensure correct tax payment. When overriding the resident GEO code, the system requires that employees are paying the worksite state’s withholdings.

When overriding worksite GEO code, the system uses withholdings from the employee’s resident state. This is especially important if the worksite is in a state in which there are no state withholding taxes.

Note: This field will auto-fill based on the zip/postal code. If a geocode does not populate, use an online map application (e.g. Google Maps) to verify the address information is precise.
School District The school district in which the address is located. The school district value will auto-populate if it has been identified in the Avionté system. 
Short Name A familiar name for the address - e.g. - Bob's mom's house
In Care Of The contact responsible for the residence if the address is not the employee's.
Payee Name The name of the employee being paid by check. This value will appear on the check mailed to the residence. 
Is Payment Check Address Designates whether this address is the location to which payment checks will be sent. 
Is Resident Address Designates whether this is the address where the employee lives.
Active Designates whether the address is currently active. 
Override Worksite Geocode Designates that a selected Geo Code (based on Zip Code) will replace work location tax calculations with tax calculations based on the new Geo Code. 
Zip Code The U.S. Postal code for the overriding Geo Code
Geocode The tax-calculating location code that auto-populates based on the Zip Code. 
PSD Code This field only appears when the Address is in the State of PA, with a valid Geo
Code starting with "39"

Note: When the user accesses a School district field, the following tool tip will display: "By selecting school district you are determining the reporting and remitting PSD code. Due to the multiple selections available, http://munstats.pa.gov/Public/FindLocalTax.aspx must be used to assist in confirming an accurate PSD code for the address provided."



Note: This group displays based on the setting of EEOViewPermission
Field Description
Date of Birth The employee's date of birth.
Race Which of the ethnic groups this employee identifies with.
Veterans Status Indicates whether the employee served in the arms forces.
Disability Denotes whether the employee suffers from a recognized disability.
Sex The gender identification of this employee.



Hiring Data

Field Description
Current Status Indicates the status of the customer that the contact is attached to (i.e. active, prospect, etc.)
Branch Name Name of the branch to which the employee is associated.
Agency/Vendor The agency or vendor associated with this employee.
Recruiter The name of the user that brought this employee into the system.
Entered By The user who entered this employee into the system.
Interviewed By The user who conducted this employee's interview.
Interview Date The date this employee was interviewed.
Hire Date The date this employee was hired onto an order.
Orientation Date The date this employee will or has undergone orientation
W2/T4 Indicates if this employee is categorized as an employee and requires a W2 form. If left unchecked, this employee is considered a contractor and will receive a 1099.
Resume on File Indicates if this employee has a resume on file.
On Assignment Indicates if this employee is on assignment.
I-9 on Record Indicates if this employee has an I-9 on record.

Note: For a checkmark to appear in the box, the Certification Type needs to be set up under the Certification sub-tree section and have a certification name of exactly "I-9." The box will remain checked as long as employee has this certification set up, even if the certification expiration date has passed. For more information on how to set up Certification Types, see Admin Tools: Certification Type.
Professional Category* The type of skills this employee maintains.
Resource Stage* The stage the current employee is on while completing resource processing through the web portal.
Referral Source How this employee discovered the staffing agency.
Stage Status* The status of the current resource processing stage.
Tax Credit Status*

The status of this employee in regards to possible tax credits.

  • Survey not completed: The WOTC survey has not been completed.
  • No results returned: WOTC survey was completed, but no results have been returned. It may indicate a connection error with the WOTC service.
  • Not qualified: WOTC survey was completed, and the employee did not qualify for the tax credit.
  • Pre-Qualified: WOTC survey was completed, and the employee was deemed qualified. Assigning this employee will change this to Qualified and allow a user to print out the relevant forms. If the employee has been assigned to an order, but the link to the forms is missing, a 'Send Form Request' link will be displayed to request the url to print the forms.
  • Qualified: WOTC for was completed and this employee was deemed qualified for their current assignment. A link is also displayed to print any forms needed for the credit. 
    Note: Following a qualification, the field updates to include a link to associated forms.

Note: Items with an asterisk (*) will display based on the UseResourceProcessing setting. 


Resource Processing Review

This pane will only appear if Resource Processing is turned on for your system. If your system does not use the web-based Onboarding Portal to enroll employees into the Avionté system, this pane will remain blank and unusable even if it is visible. For more information on what this pane, visit the Resource Processing page.


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