DH Order - New Order Wizard

Customer/Job Tab

The Customer/Job tab contains information on both of the customer and the job related to the position on the order.


The Customer/Job tab is separated into groups

Name Group

The Name group contains drop-down menus to record information about the customer.

Customer Name Name of the customer on the order. Selecting this field auto-populates the three following fields.
Department Name Auto-populated field displaying the name of the customer's department relevant to the order.
Branch Name Auto-populated field displaying the name of the branch in Avionté relevant to the order.
Address Auto-populated field containing the address for the customer.
Order Type Set the type of order this will be (Percentage, DH, Flat Fee).
Entered Date The date the order was entered.
Expected Start Date The date the order's work is expected to start.
# Required The number of employees needed to fulfill the order.
Status The status of the order - Open, Completed, etc. 


Title/Description Group

The Title/Description group is used to record specific information about the position being filled.

Job Title Title of the position to be filled.
Job Category Select a category representative of the skills required for this position.
Job Description A lengthy description of the position and its particulars.
Attach Document Browse for any documents to be attached to the order.


Fee/Commission Tab

All of the information on the Fee/Commission for a DH Order including fee type and user-specific commission can be added into the Fee/Commission tab.

The Fee/Commission tab is separated into groups:

Fee/Salary Group

Pay Range Type The frequency of pay for the dollar amount in the pay range.
Min The minimum salary applied to the position
Max The maximum salary applied to the position.
Fee Type The type of fee paid to the recruiting agency - percentage or flat.
Fee Percentage The specific percentage value of the recruiting fee if the Fee Type is a percentage.

A range of specific dollar amounts defining the recruiting fee.

  • Min - The minimum fee that will be paid for the order fulfillment.
  • Max - The maximum fee that will be paid for the order fulfillment.


User Group

The User group contains information about the users associated with this order and the commission percentage they have earned.

Select a user role, the specific user, and the percentage of the fee they are earning from the order. 


Spec Sheet Tab

The Spec Sheet allows you to enter information about DH positions that are of interest to a potential candidate.

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