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Add a New Employee with New Wizard Entry

The wizard entry option is used to create a new employee in the system instead of the Parse Resume option. The following steps describe how to use the wizard.

Note: The tabs available in the wizard may vary. The order of the tabs may also differ. The display of tabs is determined by your administrator.
  1. Click the Employee option in the Main Menu's Front Office section.

  2. Click the New Employee link in the upper-right portion of the main window.

    The New Employee wizard displays. 



Add Employee Tab

The Add Employee tab is used to collect basic information about the new employee, such as name, address, contact methods and basic tax information. The tab is separated into groups - Name, Address, Contact Method, and Tax.


Populate the fields according to these definitions:



Name Group

Branch Name The name of the employee's assigned branch.
Status  Indicates the employee's current employment state (i.e., Applicant, Inactive, etc.).
SSN The employee's Social Security Number. This may or may not be required information at your site.

Note: Ensure the SSN is accurate. Because the system allows duplicate employee information for multiple positions filled, duplicate SSNs will not be flagged.
First Name The employee's first name.
Middle Name The employee's middle name.
Last Name The employee's last name. 



Address Group

Country The employee's country of residence.
Street 1 The employee's street address.
Street 2 The employee's street address.
City The employee's city of residence.
State/Province The employee's state (or province if Canadian) 
Zip Code/Postal Code The employee's residence zip code (or postal code if Canadian)
GEO Code

An auto-populated field based on the employee's country and zip/postal code. A GeoCode is a nine-digit code that represents a taxing jurisdiction in the US and Canada. 

Clicking the drop-down arrow on this field will auto-populate the appropriate code as long as the Country, and Zip Code fields have been filled out. Likewise, as long as the Country and Zip Code fields are entered, clicking the GEO Code drop-down arrow will auto-populate the City and State fields.

School District The school district corresponding to the employee's address. 



Contact Method Group

  1. In the Contact method group, select the method (or methods) of contact from the dropdown menu

  2. Enter a value for the contact method in the field below the drop-down menu.

  3. Once the contact info has been entered click the Add button.
    Note: If multiple contact methods are entered here, the primary contact method can be indicated by checking the corresponding box under the Is Primary column.



Tax Group

Federal Marital Status The employee's marital status.
Federal Exemptions The number of federal tax exemptions the employee is claiming. 
State Exemptions The number of state tax exemptions the employee is claiming. 
Check Delivery A drop-down menu featuring preferred methods of paycheck delivery. 


Click Next to continue or Finish to save and create the profile.

Note: You may be able to click Finish at this point if any subsequent tabs do not have any fields that are required for completion.



Skill Tab

The Skill tab is used to record employee skills.


Select a Skill



Add a New Employee with Parse Resume

For applicants that provide their own resume, the Parse Resume option for adding new employee's offers a streamlined alternative to the New Employee Wizard for entering new employee data. You can select the Parse Resume option after clicking the New Employee button in the upper right of the window of the Employee section.

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