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Updated 07/08/2021


The Past Jobs item of the Employee section is used to record the previous employment data for the employee.


Past Job Tab

The Past Job tab of the Past Jobs item of the Employee section allows you to enter and edit data regarding the employee's previous work experience.


Edit a Past Job

  1. Click on the row you want to edit from the grid. This will populate the fields at the bottom window with the data associated with that entry.

  2. Update the fields as needed.

  3. When you have completed your data entry click the Save Past Job button in the upper-left corner to save your changes to the grid.


Delete a Past Job

  1. Right-click on the row of the grid you want delete.

  2. Click the Delete Employee Past Job(s) to remove the entry from the list.


Reference Tab

The Reference tab of the Past Jobs item on the Employee section catalogs the personal and professional references associated with an employee.

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