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Updated 06/24/2021
Employees can be placed to an order using the Repeat Assignment wizard in the Order section
  1. From the Start Page, choose the QuickPlace Action menu item.

  2. Select an order from the Open Order grid.

  3. Click the Repeat Assignment button for the assignment you wish to repeat. The Repeat Assignment wizard appears.

  4. In the Order Info group box, several fields are already auto-populated with information from the customer and order. Select one of these two options to begin:

    • New Assignment: Select this option if you need to modify the pay and bill rates from the previous assignment.
    • Repeat Assignment: Select this option if there are no changes to the assignment.

  5. Change the Branch (if necessary) that the employee is to be assigned.

  6. Set the Assignment Type to one of the following:

    • Regular: Standard placement to fill an open position.
    • Replacement: A placement that replaces an already-filled position.
    • OverPlaced: An additional assignment to an order that is already filled. If the order is already filled, this option will appear as selected by default.

  7. In the Other Info group box, the W2 checkbox should be selected as long as the employee is a W2 employee for your staffing company. If the employee is a 1099 employee, or is an employee of another agency, uncheck this box. If they are an employee of another agency, select that agency from the Agency list.

  8. In the Date/Rate group box, the markup and rates for pay and bill are displayed as they have been defined for the order. The markup cannot be changed here, but you can modify the rates for this specific assignment as long as New Assignment is selected above. This will not affect the rates for any other assignment on this order.

  9. In the User group box, identify other users to associate with the assignment, such as Sales Rep or Staffing Rep.

  10. Enter any additional information to include with the assignment in the Note text box.

  11. Click Next to continue. The Assignment Schedule tab appears.
    Note: If there are any warnings about the assignment, the Data Requirements Messages window will appear first. Handle the warnings as necessary, then continue.

  12. For the assignment, enter the following schedule information:

    • Start Date: This defaults to the current date, change if needed.
    • End Date: Enter the last date of the assignment. If the end date is not known, or is an open-ended assignment, leave blank.
    • Shift Name: Enter the name of the shift for this assignment.
    • Start Time/End Time: Enter the times for the shift's start and end.

  13. Click Finish to complete the assignment.

  14. On the confirmation window that appears, choose Yes to view the assignment start sheet, or No to skip it.

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