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Updated 07/08/2021


Assignments can be edited from the Assignment Detail tab. Access this tab by navigating to an assignment through the Employee, Customer, Order, or Assignment sections.



Accessing an Assignment

To access the assignment through the Employee, Customer, or Order sections:
  1. Search for and select the desired entity.

  2. Click the Assignment subgroup option from the Main Menu.
    Note: Use the Navigation control that appears in the lower area of the tab to locate the correct assignment if there are multiple.
  3. Click the button next to Assignment ID to open the assignment's Detail page.

  4. Select the Assignment Main Menu item.

  5. Search for and select the desired assignment. The Assignment Detail pane will appear.


Edit an Assignment

  1. The following items may be edited on the Basic Info Tab:

    Field Description Additional Information
    Branch Choose from the branches to which you have access. This sets the branch that is to be associated with the selected assignment.  
    Performance Choose a description of the assignment performance- this is typically done when the assignment has ended or has been terminated.  
    Start Date Click the drop-down to indicate the start date using the Calendar picker.  
    End Reason Choose the reason the assignment ended.  
    Pay rates Click the Pay fields to edit the pay rates for regular and overtime hours that pertain to this assignment. The Bill rates are updated according to the order's markup, but cannot be edited here.  
    Associated Users Edit the users, such as Staffing Rep and Sales Rep, associated with the assignment. The original Entered By cannot be edited.
  2. The following items may be edited on the Schedule Tab:

    Field Description Additional Information
    Start Date Multiple assignments may appear in this list if the employee has multiple assignments for an order. Edit the starting date by clicking the existing date and from the drop-down, choose a date from the calendar picker.  
    Is Active Check to make an active assignment, or uncheck to set the assignment as inactive, meaning the assignment is put on hold or not valid until it is made active again.  
    Pay Rates Click in the Pay fields to alter the pay rates for regular and overtime hours. The Bill rates are updated according to the order's markup and cannot be edited from this section.
  3. The following items may be edited on the More Info tab:

    Field Description Additional Information
    Shift Edit the shift for the assignment, and check the days of the week to which to which the assignment applies.  
    Calls Check the calls that have been made.  
    Split Plan Select or change the split plan if one applies.  
    Agency and W2 Edit the agency as needed, and indicate whether the assignment applies to a W2 employee. Provide any other information that pertains to the assignment.
  4. View transaction history in the Pay/Bill History tab.
    Note: The information in this tab cannot be edited.

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