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Updated 05/10/2023


The Customer Search section allows you to search and select customers that match a range of search criteria and filters. 



NoteIf expected search results are not returned, check the settings on the Search Option Slide Panel. See section below.



Filters for Customer search content include Search Type, the Field Chooser, and Option tab.



Search Type

Select the type of characteristic by which the search will be performed.


For example, if "Phone Number - Contains" is selected in the Search Type field and "7204" is then entered in the Search Criteria field, any employee with a phone number containing the sequence of numbers "7204" will be generated in the search.



Search Type Description
Name Search Searches by the customer's company name.
Customer ID Searches by the customer's Avionté-assigned ID.
Dept. Name Search Searches by the customer-defined department names.
External ID Search Searches by an identification number assigned to the customer by an external entity.
Entered By The user who entered the initial data of the employee.
All Contact Methods Alphanumeric sequence contained in any contact method of a customer.
BOLD Company ID Searches by the customer's assigned ID in AviontéBOLD. This only applies to clients using BOLD.


Once a Search Type has been selected, select "Set" to save the Search Type as the default value.



After selecting the type of search to conduct, enter the specific criteria to search for in the Search Criteria field. Press Enter on the keyboard to conduct the search.

Double-click on that entry's row to navigate to the Summary page of the DH Order section.



Search Field Chooser

The field chooser menu controls what information and columns are displayed for the search results. Columns can be clicked and dragged to display in any order.



Field Description
Account Manager The Avionté Account Manager associated with the customer
BOLD Company ID The customer's assigned ID in AviontéBOLD.
Branch The specific branch to which the customer belongs in the company. 
City The customer or branch's location city.
Customer ID The customer's Avionté-assigned ID.
Customer Name The company name of the customer.
Date Entered The most recent date the customer's data was entered into the system.
Dept. Name The name of the specific department in the customer's company.
Entered By The name of the last user that entered the customer's data.
Phone The customer's phone number.
State The customer or branch's location state.
Status Displays indications of a customer's status based on the unique codes defined by your branch. 
Street 1 First line of the employee's street address. 
Street 2

Second line of the employee's street address. 

Website The customer's website address.
Zip Code The employee's residential zip code.


Search Option Slide Panel

The Search Option Slide Panel on the far-right of the screen offers additional search filtering options. Search Options override standard search parameters.




Show Only

The Show Only options limit search results to specific criteria. Once search criteria have been selected, a search can be performed to return filtered results.
Field Description
By Status Isolate your results to only a specific customer status.
With Department Limit your search to only customers associated with a specific department in their company.
Branch Search for only customers associated to a specific branch.
My Customer Search only for customers for whom you've performed a particular action (Entered by, etc.)
Options in this section can be combined to search for customers with a particular type of shared criteria. For instance, checking multiple boxes can produce search results only for customers with a particular status or unassigned users.

Standard Search

The options under Standard Search provide descriptions for advanced searches. Double clicking the description will navigate you to the Advanced Search results for that description. Visit Advanced Search for more information.




The Actions section provides print and export options. Once search results have been generated, the results may be sent to a printer as an image or exported in Microsoft Excel format. 

Field Description
Print The name of the section providing printing options.
Preview Before Printing Checking this box prompts a preview of the page once Print Search Results has been clicked.
Fit width to pages Determines the width of the printed grid.
Print Search Result Sends the search results to the computer's default printer.
Export to Excel Prompts the computer to open the search results in Microsoft Excel.


If search results are not generating as expected, check the configuration behind the Search Options tab on the right-hand side of the page. Search Options override standard search parameters. 

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